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  • 5 Trends In Flooring To Keep An Eye On This Summer 2022

    July 13th, 2022

    If a staycation is what you have in mind this summer, it can be a fantastic opportunity to give your home an uplift and create a brand new look. Just changing the flooring can have a huge impact on your space and can be a low-cost way to transform your home and add value too. So if you’re ready to update your floor in summer 2022, these are the top five flooring trends to keep in mind.

    Soft greys

    During the last few years, grey has been a hot trend in home interiors. However, this was largely due to wall colour and grey wallpapers. Now, the grey trend has moved towards the floor, with soft greys being the hottest trend for 2022. Soft greys are ideal for creating a calming space and adding depth.

    Soft grey flooring can work well with soft pastel colours for a stylish and relaxing dynamic to your property. This trend can work really well for summer as it lightens and brightens the space.

    The benefit of grey is how well it can work with other colour schemes; simply adding a new grey flooring can add intrigue and sophistication. What’s more, a textured soft grey can be very practical for high traffic areas, as it masks dust and dirt well and can work with a range of interior designs whenever you need a change.

    Winning wood looks

    Wooden flooring remains a strong trend. However, due to maintenance and upkeep, luxury vinyl flooring that mimics hardwood flooring is a cost-effective and popular option. You can take the wood effect trend further with styles such as parquet and herringbone. The repeating V pattern of herringbone and chevron flooring styles adds interest and provides a stunning layout.

    Usually, herringbone is a hardwood option, but now there is an option for herringbone luxury vinyl so you can enjoy beautiful and realistic herringbone but with the easy maintenance and budget-friendly option of vinyl planks.

    Antique and distressed

    No longer is there a trend for brand new showhome finish. Instead, there is a growing trend for spaces to look lived in, inviting and cosy. After the last few years, homes have become a sanctuary. Spaces need to feel cosy, safe and lived in, which has made antique and distressed flooring a popular option.

    Antique flooring doesn’t look old-fashioned or outdated. Instead, it creates a rustic and homely feel, and the distressed look can give your home character. If distressed flooring feels too unkempt for your home, a whitewash design can create a relaxed beach feel that is on-trend while making your home feel cosier and welcoming but also spacious and airy.

    It can help to use wide plank flooring to add to this look as it further helps to open up the space and make your home feel bigger.

    Flexible spaces

    Open plan living continues to be a strong trend. However, after the pandemic, people are looking for greater functionality in their homes. From working spaces to exercise areas, spaces to relax and come together but also have time apart too. To make this work with open plan living, the biggest trend is to have one flooring type across the whole space but use zoning techniques to create distinct areas.

    With this idea in mind, it means committing to one flooring type that works well in a range of rooms. Again, luxury vinyl can be best for this as it’s waterproof and durable for use in kitchen and utility areas while still having comfort underfoot and the ability for underfloor heating, which can be useful in lounge, dining and office spaces.

    Whether stone tiles or wood effect flooring, or something more eye-catching such as herringbone and chevron, it’s wise to think carefully about what floor style will look just as stylish in the kitchen as it would in lounging and work areas. You may also consider what colours can complement the floor, as you may use rugs or runners in certain areas for zoning.

    Lights and white

    Another popular floor trend for summer 2022 is the use of lighter shades, including white, light greys and pale wood effects. The idea behind light flooring is that it feels easy-going and invokes a casual beach feel to the property. White flooring is best for light reflection, creating a bigger, brighter, spacious feel.

    While pure white floors put many people off as they show dirt and dust more efficiently, many light-coloured flooring designs use pattern and texture to reduce floor maintenance and mask dust easily. Another benefit of light flooring is how well it goes with bold and bright colour choices. You can be bolder with furniture or accents in bright colours with light flooring. It can be a fun way to express your personality and have a floor that will work with various styles and seasons whenever you want a change.

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