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  • Bedroom Bestsellers: The Best Flooring For Children’s Bedrooms

    December 7th, 2022

    Whilst it is essential to give your children space to explore, exercise and play, sometimes our houses can feel their wrath. Young children tend not to give consideration to the fact that things might break or that they’ll need replacing when they do. As a parent, this can be incredibly frustrating – they also often don’t remember to clear up the mess, so your floors need to be durable.

    That said, your kids causing chaos in your home is all part of the fun and rather than rein them in, getting durable and functional home décor is probably the best option. By choosing things like a kid-friendly floor you can give your kids the freedom to be kids without worrying about your flooring every time they start to play a new game. 

    There are different choices, but if you’re looking for a durable, kid-friendly floor, Pro-Tek™ vinyl flooring could be a perfect choice. 

    Vinyl Flooring For Bedrooms

    Traditionally bedroom floors have been carpeted, and whilst there is nothing wrong with this option, it isn’t always the most practical. For example, a carpet covered in poster paints or spilt drinks might not come up as clean as it once did, which is why a more kid-friendly floor option might be more practical in the rooms your children are going to be in.

    Bedroom vinyl flooring is generally wipeable, which makes it perfect for rooms with lots of footfall or children playing. Not only that, but Pro-Tek™ luxury vinyl floors are thick and cushioned, which means they will still be comfortable for sitting on to play with toys and feel lovely underfoot.

    The thickness of the flooring also means that the flooring has noise-absorption qualities, which is exactly what you want from a room that is going to be home to children running around and playing. 

    Choosing A Sturdy Kid-Friendly Floor

    There’s a range of flooring out there that could be chosen for a kid’s bedroom. However, as well as choosing something that you feel is stylish and age-appropriate, you need to make sure that it is also durable and sturdy..

    With the possibility of toy cars being driven all over, plenty of jumping around and all manner of games being played up on it, you want to be sure that the flooring you choose is strong enough to withstand all of this.

    Pro-Tek™ bedroom vinyl flooring is well known for being made to exceptionally high standards, which means that the quality of the finish is second to none. You’ll get a bedroom floor that looks great and feels nice underfoot but can withstand anything your kids can throw at it – which is why it is a great choice for those looking at kid-friendly floor options. 

    Bedroom Bestsellers

    We sell a massive range of vinyl floor colour and design options, so we’re positive that whatever you have in mind for your kid-friendly floor, there will be something to suit you. Whether you want something light like the Excel Class Pimlico Grey or something that looks like wood, like the Excel Longplank Charlie Oak, we’ll help you piece together the perfect flooring option.

    Don’t forget that our flooring can easily be covered with rugs, which means that it is still possible to inject some of your kid’s favourite characters into their bedroom flooring choices. We know that when it comes to kids, they’re not going to be necessarily choosing the most practical options, but using other décor in the room can help bring it all together. 

    Why choose vinyl flooring?

    Bedroom vinyl flooring is a great choice for many reasons, but the fact that it is so strong and durable definitely helps.  Even for your own bedroom, flooring that you know is going to last, even if you are moving furniture, can be reassuring. However, not only that, but it is a flooring choice that feels great – you don’t have to worry about getting out of bed and putting your bare feet onto flooring that feels cold and uninviting.

    Instead, Pro-Tek™flooring is made to feel luxurious – with thick vinyl and plenty of cushioning; it feels warm and comfortable underfoot. That is without the fact that it’s compatible with underfloor heating if that is something you might have at home too!

    The fact that it comes in a range of colours and designs helps too. We know that bedrooms are a space that you want to reflect your personality as well as being relaxing and somewhere you are happy to be.

    It might feel like the floor is a small part of this, but actually the right flooring can help bring the whole room together and shopping for a kid-friendly floor is no exception. 

    This cost-effective flooring comes in enough style choices that whatever you have in mind, you can be sure that there will be a colour and finish to suit your needs and offer a kid-friendly choice. When you combine that with the noise-absorbing qualities that the flooring has, it is easy to see why this type of flooring is the perfect choice for both kid and adult bedrooms. 


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