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  • Flexible LVT vs Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring

    July 24th, 2023

    Vinyl flooring has become a very popular option to finish off any room in the home and is a great and cost effective luxury when compared to hardwood flooring.


    Traditional vinyl flooring consists of a PVC layer which is printed on and comes in sheet form ready to be cut or in tiles and is likely the first product that comes to mind when you think about vinyl flooring.  But, there are other, more luxurious options in the form of flexible vinyl flooring and rigid core.


    Both serve a good purpose but what makes them different?


    Let’s look at flexible LVT


    What is it?


    Flexible LVT (luxury vinyl tile) or LVP (luxury vinyl plank) is a step up from the traditional vinyl flooring and comes in either planks or tiles. It is constructed with few layers when compared with the rigid core planks, making the flooring thinner and therefore more flexible.


    Typically, flexible LVT is glued to the subfloor which makes for stability but will show any imperfections if the subfloor is not perfect prior to installation, this is called ‘’telegraphing’’ which looks like swirls or patterns as it takes on the shape of the subfloor.


    As the planks are glued down, any movement in the planks is limited and changes in temperature can sometimes cause the planks to push against each other and create some warping.


    Where can it be used?


    Anywhere inside!  As with the rigid core vinyl, flexible LVT is water resistant and, due to having more than one layer, is soft under foot.  


    What does it look like?


    Similarly to rigid core vinyl, flexible LVT comes in an array of designs and colours to suit most spaces and is another great alternative to solid hardwood flooring.


    How about rigid core?


    What is it?  


    Rigid core LVT is a hard wearing vinyl flooring with a thick and resilient core layer which is engineered to make the flooring durable without taking away from the luxurious look of the flooring.


    What is it made of?


    Click vinyl flooring is made of several different layers – The PRO-TEK™  Excel range is constructed of 7 layers including:




    • UV layer 
    • Wear layer
    • Decor layer
    • Luxury Vinyl top layer
    • Core structure
    • Stabilising layer
    • IXPE Underlay


    For full details on these 7 layers, check out the detailed infographic below:


    rigid core vinyl flooring plank

    Pro-Tek Excel rigid core vinyl flooring plank construction


    Where should it be used?  


    There is no limit to where a rigid core vinyl can be installed!

    Most luxury click vinyl planks have a 100% waterproof rigid core so can be used throughout the home, including kitchens and bathrooms.

    Also, due to the superior durability, these planks can withstand a high level of footfall and are perfect for commercial settings such as bars, restaurants and hotels..

    Installation of the rigid core vinyl is quick and easy.  The click lock mechanism negates the need for glue and it can be installed directly over most floor types. 


    What does it look like?


    Whatever the room, whatever the decor there will be a rigid core flooring option that perfectly accents the style of any space.

    PRO-TEK™ Excel range is available in both Classic and Long Plank collections with 18 colours to choose from in both classic and contemporary finishes with a natural texture for authenticity.


    When deciding on flexible LVT vs rigid core vinyl flooring for your projects, consider the footfall of traffic, amount of preparation needed and other environmental impacts such as sunlight which would require a product with durability to ensure the lifespan of the product.


    It’s worth taking some time to shop around for the best deal on price and the warranty you’ll receive from the manufacturer, this is a good way to gauge if the product is decent, if a manufacturer has faith in its products by offering a long warranty then you would be right to think the product is a good one!

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