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  • Herringbone – A classic style that will go with everything

    July 10th, 2022

    In 2022, herringbone has become the biggest trend in flooring. From adding intrigue to its versatility in working in a variety of rooms or open plan spaces, herringbone adds style and sophistication. If you’re contemplating adding a new floor to your home, here’s everything you need to know about herringbone and whether it’s right for you.

    The history of herringbone

    While herringbone is on-trend in 2022, the pattern actually dates back to ancient Rome. Back then, herringbone was the pattern they used with bricks to build roads. Inspired by the skeleton of herring fish, Romans knew this design provided structural integrity. This meant the roads were able to withstand heavy traffic with minimal repair. In fact, their herringbone roads were so effective that there are still Roman roads with this pattern in existence today.

    As well as roads, herringbone was seen in fabrics throughout the ages thanks to the extra support that it provides, making clothing more durable.

    Over the years, herringbone design has been used in various items, from flooring to suits, and bags to roofing (the cathedral in Florence, Santa Maria del Fiore, is a classic example). Herringbone is known for being sophisticated, long-lasting, and high-end.

    In terms of flooring, herringbone has long been considered a stylish but also expensive flooring option. This is because of the intricate work needed to install a herringbone design using wood, tiles or bricks. However, as luxury vinyl tiles have progressed, it is now possible to get authentic and stylish herringbone design flooring at an affordable price. What’s more, with quality herringbone vinyl, you have a low-maintenance floor that looks high-end and enviable but at a fraction of the cost.

    The benefits of herringbone vinyl flooring

    Expand your space

    The nature of herringbone design is that it makes spaces feel larger. This can make herringbone particularly effective, especially in smaller areas such as hallways and entranceways. Herringbone flooring can also work wonders in open-plan living spaces. It helps to make the space feel even bigger, enabling you to create strategic zones without reducing the sense of space that you want from an open-plan home.


    Herringbone is known for being complex to install and therefore commands a high price. However, with vinyl, you maintain the elegance and sophistication of herringbone but without the high price tag or lengthy installation time. With herringbone vinyl, you can add elegance to your space; this can elevate your home style and will certainly be admired by guests.

    Colour options

    Pro-Tek Flooring offers a range of herringbone flooring options in various colours to suit a range of homes. With this, you can get the look you want, complement your interior design and simply add a beautiful pattern to your space that really elevates the home. From on-trend grey and calming white to rich oak and walnut, you can easily add colour and pattern by using Pro-Tek™ herringbone vinyl flooring.

    Find the best herringbone floor for your needs

    With herringbone, there is an option to choose thin panels or thicker panels. Different styles, as well as colours, can give your home a completely different dynamic. The thinner panels are more classic and traditional herringbone styles. The thicker panels offer a more contemporary finish.

    Extra-wide herringbone is often preferred in modern, open-plan areas as it makes the most of the space. On the other hand, smaller areas such as hallways and entranceways will benefit from extra narrow patterns as it offers interest and intrigue. Again, a small space can make the most of the design, whereas extra narrow patterns in large spaces may make the floor pattern feel overwhelming and busy.

    You may also want to consider underfloor heating and ensure you select herringbone tiles that are suitable for underfloor heating. Pro-Tek flooring offers herringbone designs suitable for wet and dry underfloor heating systems.

    Have you been looking into having herringbone flooring installed in your home?

    If you’re looking to add herringbone flooring as a stylish and interesting feature of your home, Pro-Tek Flooring is here to help. We offer a range of herringbone luxury vinyl tiles with a unique click-lock system that makes installation a breeze. With built-in underlay, our herringbone tiles offer quick and hassle-free installation while still offering the luxury finish that the herringbone design invokes.

    Find the right design and colour option for your home by browsing our Editions collection. If you need any support, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with the team, who will be happy to assist you.




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