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  • How Pro-Tek flooring complements your home, providing an elegant look

    July 20th, 2022

    Pro-Tek flooring is on a mission to provide stylish flooring options that are easy to install and cost-effective too. As well as product development to ensure our flooring is as long-lasting and durable as possible, we’re always on the lookout for new, on-trend styles to add to our collection to help you achieve the perfect look for your home.

    The best flooring to complement your home

    If you’re looking to update your home interior but not sure which flooring would work best, here are some of the most on-trend options to consider:

    Stone effect bathroom

    From Venetian marble to natural slate, stone effect bathroom flooring can add spa-like elegance to your bathroom, making it feel luxurious and high-end but also being practical and easy to clean. Pro-Tek flooring tiles are waterproof, which means they’re suitable for bathrooms. The Pro-Tek Editions collection is also warmer underfoot, which adds to the spa-like atmosphere, and makes your bathroom a place you’ll want to relax.

    Herringbone open plan

    It can be challenging to pick a flooring design that works across the whole space if you have an open-plan home. In many cases, people opt for a separate kitchen floor and different flooring for dining and lounging areas. However, some options look fantastic across the whole space. Herringbone is one such design that works well in an open plan. It is stylish and sophisticated, making it ideal for lounges, home offices and dining rooms, but it is also practical in kitchens.


    The pattern helps to create flow throughout an open plan space, while the v-design helps to make the room bigger, ideal for open plan spacious living.


    With herringbone, you can find contemporary grey and white designs as well as classic oak herringbone colour schemes. The primary consideration with herringbone is to choose the right-sized pattern for your space. Narrow herringbone works best in small locations, such as hallways, but wider patterns work best in large open-plan spaces. Narrow herringbone can look too busy in large rooms, so it’s wise to be mindful of this.

    Making the living room and kitchen one open space

    Using one type of flooring in the living room and kitchen can help to make the space feel bigger, creates connection and helps with the natural flow between the rooms. A wood effect vinyl can be excellent for this, creating cosiness in the living room but adding a rustic feel to the kitchen too.


    If you did want to create zones using the flooring, door bars and T profile transition bars could help to create a seamless finish and give spaces distinct areas. If you don’t have underfloor heating, rugs and runners can also help to make the two spaces feel different yet still have the cohesiveness that comes from using one flooring type.


    Grey, white, and light-coloured flooring options for living rooms and kitchens are on-trend styles. White flooring can make kitchens feel clean and practical while creating a relaxing beach-hut atmosphere in the living room, making it feel cosy yet bright. Using textured white flooring can be practical in the kitchen as it makes it harder to see dirt and grime. That said, Pro-Tek flooring is easy to maintain, and a quick sweep and mop should be all the floor needs to keep it looking clean and presentable.


    If white feels too bright, soft greys can be a great alternative. Grey continues to be a stylish pick for homes and adds to the cosiness and sophistication too. In kitchens, grey can work well with classic monochrome cabinetry but also offers a neutral palette to add colour. With this in mind, having grey running across the living room and kitchen can mean you can add different pops of colour to the different areas to create different zones that still feel part of the same space.

    Finding the right look for your home

    Pro-Tek Flooring offers a carefully curated range of beautiful flooring options to suit your home. Whether you’re looking to add an eye-catching design in the hallway, expand open spaces with long planks for a seamless flow, or add a touch of luxe with herringbone or stone effect, we have the range to suit every home need.


    From easy installation to stunning designs and durability to be used in heavy traffic and even wet areas, Pro-Tek offers luxury vinyl tiles that stand the test of time. Explore our range on our website or talk to our team to find out more.



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