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  • How To Style A Kitchen With Grey Vinyl Flooring

    June 17th, 2022

    In a busy kitchen, a durable floor is essential. A quality floor is an investment, and getting the style and colour scheme right is vital, so it still looks fresh, exciting and stylish for many years to come. Grey vinyl flooring is growing in popularity in kitchens because of its timeless appeal. If you’re considering grey vinyl flooring, you may wonder how to style the rest of your kitchen to complement the colour scheme.

    Why choose grey vinyl flooring for your kitchen?

    Grey flooring can serve as an excellent basis for complementing colour schemes. Whether you want brights or neutrals in your kitchen, grey can create the perfect foundation. Moreover, there are so many different shades of grey which could create a cool or warm hue, depending on your preference.

    Grey also works wonders with metallic elements, which is helpful in kitchens as appliances often have metallic touches, from stainless steel taps to ovens and ranges.

    Spills and dirt can accumulate quickly in a busy kitchen, but these can be well hidden with a grey floor. The lighter the flooring, the easier it is to see dirt, marks and dust.

    By choosing grey vinyl flooring, the options for designs are vast. From grey wood effect to grey tiles, there is the perfect floor for every home. Moreover, with hardwearing, durable vinyl that offers excellent water resistance, you can have a stylish floor for many years.

    What cabinet colours work best with grey vinyl flooring?

    A common pairing for grey herringbone vinyl flooring is to have crisp, clean white cabinetry to make the space feel light and airy. However, grey works well with a range of colours, but it’s essential to check whether the grey has cool or warm undertones.

    Cool grey flooring

    A cool grey will have undertones of blue and is best suited to blue or green cabinetry. Green can help your kitchen feel more natural, like bringing the outside in. With a herb garden and hanging plants, you can create a really calming eco atmosphere in your kitchen, with cool grey floors that lighten the space.

    Blue cabinetry with grey flooring can feel fresh, light and refreshing. Blue is a naturally calming colour, ideal for creating a stress-free kitchen. With shades of blue alongside grey flooring, you can also create a nautical or beachside feel to your kitchen, adding to the calmness and clarity.

    Warm grey flooring

    Warm tones in your grey flooring will usually have yellow, brown or beige undertones. This warm tone can work really well with brown cabinetry and creates a rustic feel or a mountain chalet-inspired place, especially when paired with stone or wooden kitchen surfaces or open brickwork.

    Warm greys can often work well with hues of red and orange too, and can be a great choice if you want a statement kitchen filled with bold, bright colours or a retro finish.


    Grey herringbone flooring can also work well with grey, black and white hues. If you want to create an intimate, cosy feel to your kitchen, darker shades work best as they absorb light. For an on-trend modern feel, close matching tones can feel sleek, while lighter colours will reflect more light to make the space feel bigger. Having a variety of shades may help to create the balance and interest you’re looking for from your kitchen design, rather than having similar shades throughout the whole space.

    Is grey vinyl flooring stylish?

    Grey is a favourite choice time and time again for kitchen designs. As we go through trends of contemporary kitchens, industrial looks, and stainless-steel modernism to rustic country kitchens, grey remains a mainstay in design choices, thanks to its versatility.

    Even if you’re looking to update your kitchen by painting cabinetry or replacing cabinet doors, grey flooring can usually work with various updates and styles to keep your kitchen fresh whenever you’re ready for a new look.

    Whether a Shaker kitchen, rustic farmhouse design or high-tech professional kitchen feel, grey can work as a go-to neutral and can complement both small and larger kitchens by making them feel light and brighter with cooler, whiter shades to intimate and cosy with darker shades of grey.

    The other benefit of grey vinyl flooring is how seamlessly it works in open-plan kitchens, as grey can work really well in living spaces, dining rooms and utility areas too. While you may have grey undercurrents across an open plan space, using different colour combinations in different areas can help create more distinctive zones while maintaining a cohesive connection.

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