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  • How Vinyl Flooring Can Make A Cosy Bedroom Floor

    December 16th, 2022

    Our bedroom is our sanctuary, somewhere we can relax and spend time on our own, away from the rest of the world. We all know how important a good night’s sleep is for our well-being, but many of us don’t realise what our bedroom looks and feels like can affect this.

    For many people, as visitors don’t see our bedroom, it’s the room that gets the least attention; but that is not how to give yourself the best night’s sleep. Instead, your bedroom should be a place where you feel happy, content, and at ease – so that you can drift off in peace and not worry about the quality of sleep you will get.

    Thankfully, when it comes to style and décor, there are loads of choices, which means that it can be easy to turn your bedroom into a restful, tranquil haven. From things like bedroom flooring and wallpaper to decorations and storage, piecing together a bedroom you love should be easy. 

    Choosing vinyl bedroom flooring

    Although there are different options when picking bedroom flooring, there are many benefits to having vinyl flooring installed, so it is definitely something to consider. Firstly, vinyl flooring is a great choice because of how durable and strong it is. With heavy furniture such as a bed, wardrobe and dressing table, a floor that can withstand this weight and won’t fade over time is well worth considering.

    We’re proud to say that Pro-Tek™ vinyl flooring is made to the highest standards, so you can be sure that an investment in bedroom flooring from us will give you flooring that will last. However, we also understand that durability and strength are important but that you also want a floor that looks good. 

    We have several collections of vinyl flooring, all suitable in their own way for your bedroom, which means that you can be sure there is something to suit you.

    • Excel Class – Deep boards and a large range of colours add a touch of luxury to your room
    • Editions Essential – Four lighter colours which are perfect for creating a feeling of space in smaller rooms
    • Excel Longplank – Longer length vinyl pieces, so you’ll see fewer joins for a seamless finish
    • Editions Herringbone – 12 colours to choose from in a gorgeous herringbone pattern

    Making your room cosy

    If there is one room in the house that you want to be warm, cosy and welcoming, it is the bedroom. Many people worry that vinyl flooring will add coldness to the room, which is why they avoid it in bedrooms. However, with Pro-Tek™ bedroom flooring, everything is made with thick, luscious vinyl which is cushioned and warm.

    This makes it the perfect choice for a bedroom floor because it’s going to feel nice underfoot, even on those cold mornings. This flooring is also compatible with underfloor heating to make your bedroom even cosier.

    If you like rooms complete with throws, blankets and rugs, then vinyl flooring can be ideal. This flooring is the perfect foundation for your bedroom, and if you want to finish it off with lush, thick-pile rugs, then you can do – in fact, it can help to bring the whole room together. 

    What colour scheme is best for bedrooms?

    Your bedroom is your own place away from the world, so whatever colour scheme and style you want is perfect. It is easy to get carried away with interior design trends and what you think other people will like, but your bedroom is your choice.

    The great thing about Pro-Tek™ bedroom flooring is that we offer a massive range of collections, designs and colours. This means that whatever colour scheme you have in mind for finishing off your room, you can be sure that there is a vinyl flooring colour choice that will match and bring everything together perfectly. Whether you opt for rich jewel tones for a luxurious finish, gentle pastel tones for relaxation or white and cream for spacious minimalism, there is an ideal bedroom floor for you.

    Styling the rest of the room

    Whatever type of Pro-Tek™ bedroom flooring you opt for, you’re getting a floor type that adds something special to a room. The vinyl fits together perfectly and is designed to stay in place, which means that when it comes to the rest of the room the possibilities are endless. Some people opt to keep lots of vinyl floor on display and go for a minimalistic look throughout the room, but you can equally have lots of furniture throughout the room if you want.

    Why vinyl bedroom flooring?

    There are many benefits to choosing one of our premium bedroom flooring collections, but the fact that it is so sturdy and durable really helps. You probably don’t want to replace your bedroom floor every few months, so you want something you can rely on.

    On top of that, our luxury finish means that it feels comfortable underfoot, something really important for rooms you are going to be relaxing in. With built-in underlay, it also helps to reduce noise, and as it can be laid over existing floors, it’s an easy installation option – meaning you can get one step closer to your perfect bedroom with stress-free installation.


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