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  • Is Luxury Vinyl a Good Floor?

    May 23rd, 2022

    It could be a home, an office, an industrial workspace, or a hospitality setting  Wherever we go, gravity dictates that the most used part of any internal space is the floor. Without a floor, under our feet, there’s nothing. Even sky-divers and astronauts have to land on a floor at some point. As well as being the most well-used part of a room, flooring choices can also become an interior décor statement that can bring everything together by adding visual appeal. 

    With an increase in homeworking, we now live in a world where our spaces can be used for multiple purposes, and there’s more to making a decision than just having a nice floor that doesn’t make too much noise when it’s walked on. Durability, environmental friendliness, maintenance and comfort are bigger considerations now more than ever. So too, the choices have grown exponentially.

    Flooring Alternatives

    Traditional solid wood floorboards often need a carpet to cover wear and tear and control noise, and even if left exposed hardwood floors can be challenging to maintain. Stone floors and tiles too are a popular choice, but – being quite prone to water damage and spill stains, they can also create their hazards by pulling loose or chipping off and are also cold underfoot.

    Engineered flooring (such as wood and laminate) has also become popular over the last few years, but it can damage easily and can only tolerate limited wear, depending on the grade. It can also be noisy and doesn’t provide 100% waterproof protection against spills.

    Engineered vinyl flooring is a relatively new innovation in flooring and is a great solution to the limitations of other flooring types. There is a wide range of styles available, including natural wood, stone, tile and herringbone, providing greater durability and resilience whilst being easy to maintain.

    Things to Think About When Investing in New Flooring

    There are a few things to keep in mind when buying new flooring.

    • Appearance: Most importantly, will it look beautiful?
    • Location: Is the space a high-traffic area that needs resilient flooring?
    • Harmony: Do the edges between different spaces match up, or are they a sight for sore eyes?
    • Maintenance: Will it be expensive and take hard work to keep floors looking good, and are special cleaning techniques and products necessary?


    •  Installation: Will contractors leave a huge mess, with bits of glue and other adhesives sticking to the floors for ages?
    •  Health factors: Are floors contributing to allergies or illnesses, by containing harmful components, or by retaining hidden bacteria?
    •  Environmental considerations: is the product minimising the impact on the environment?
    •  Existing floors: Will the existing floors have to be removed or refinished at extra cost before the new floor is laid?
    •  Noise levels: Will the neighbours find it difficult to live in the apartment underneath with all the sounds of stomping feet and moving chairs?
    •  Hidden costs: Is what you see what you get or are there any other expenses like sealants or finishing?
    •  Price: Does the flooring offer value for money?

    Luxury Vinyl Flooring: Engineered, and Aesthetically Appealing

    Also known as luxury vinyl tile (LVT), WPC (a wood-based composite material), and SPC (a stone-based composite material) engineered vinyl flooring was made available to the general market in 2017, after many years of research by UK experts who have been in the field since 1993. Not just satisfied with the development of an innovative and premium quality product, this flooring is also subjected to rigorous testing on an ongoing basis.

    Is Luxury Vinyl Suitable for Commercial?

    The answer is absolutely, yes. With many installations already completed in commercial environments, luxury vinyl floors have proven their value in industrial and commercial spaces such as workshops, offices, retail, hospitals, and many more. 

    Known for their durability and ease of maintenance, they have become a preferred choice when it comes to purchasing flooring for commercial settings. The many layers of plastic composite make them extremely hard wearing and able to withstand high traffic areas and their 100% waterproof core means they are much more versatile than other flooring such as laminates, which normally wouldn’t be used in bathrooms and kitchens

    Vinyl flooring is also becoming increasingly popular because of the variety of designs and colours. It can offer the beauty of wood or give the effect of stone tiles for a fraction of the cost and with all the added benefits.

    Full technical details are disclosed to meet technical requirements in diverse industries. 

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