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  • Make a splash with revolutionary waterproof vinyl click floors

    August 5th, 2022

    Let’s say you have a beautiful hardwood floor installed. But each time there’s a clumsy spill or the weather gets too humid, you worry about the wood warping, swelling or buckling. If your floor does get ruined, you have the additional worry of ripping up the floor boards, and the exorbitant cost of installing a new floor.

    Now imagine if you took the smart way out and installed a Luxury Vinyl floor instead. What you get is the exact exquisite look of a hardwood floor, but with a 100% waterproof layer. It’s everything you ever need in your floor, without the inherent disadvantages of hardwood or stone tile floors.

    But, first things first. Not all vinyl floors are 100% waterproof. Engineered Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP) and Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) are the main contenders for the top spot in this category. Let’s see how they work with a bit of technicality first.

    What makes Pro-Tek’s 100% waterproof  Luxury Vinyl floors?

    Since engineered vinyl flooring is entirely man-made, it can be produced to be as resilient and stable as possible. Subject to rigorous R&D and stress testing, our LVP and LVT floors have a sturdy multi-layer construction comprised of four layers:

    • A strong underlay made of cork or foam helps cushion impact and noise.
    • A robust rigid layer of WPC or SPC packed with wood shavings or limestone makes our floors 100% waterproof.
    • An ultra-realistic and complexly textured vinyl top layer mimics wood or stone perfectly.
    • A durable, protective wear layer that withstands scratches and scuffs. 

    WPC or Wood Plastic Composite makes Pro-Tek Excel much thicker and more rigid, making it great for wet areas. SPC or Stone Plastic Composite offers the same waterproof benefits, but is much heavier than WPC planks. Pro-Tek’s floors also have a premium IXPE underlay built-in, making it easier to be laid directly on to sub-floors and existing floors, with minimum prep required.

    Essentially, while the WPC/SPC core lends the floor its water-resistant quality, the many layers make it harder for water to permeate through. Adding all the muscle and hard-wearing performance to your floor. 

    Why choose a 100% waterproof LVP floor?

    Some areas of the house, like bathrooms and kitchens, are subject to much more spillage and humidity. So is the case with commercial spaces where the footfall is heavier and spills may occur more frequently. In such cases, flooring requires thorough thought and additional planning. LVP or LVT is an ideal option because it doesn’t let moisture seep through the floors and remains good-looking for decades.

    While traditionally, people opt for ceramic or slate tiles in kitchens and bathrooms, they are not always the most practical flooring choice. Installation is typically labour-intensive and expensive, with plenty of drying time needed. With repeated use, you also have to reseal the grout to curb the growth of mildew and mould. You don’t have to deal with these annoyances with waterproof vinyl click flooring. You can enjoy the stunning beauty of stone tiles sans grout and potential water damage. 

    Hardwood floors, of course, have the marked disadvantage of not being able to withstand any form of moisture. All in all, engineered Luxury Vinyl works best in all areas because it not only looks and feels like natural materials but also offers superior water resistance. 

    The best part? Our waterproof vinyl floor is a super-simple click-and-go installation, thanks to our unique Unilin system. So any eager DIYer can lay the floors easily and quickly.

    So, do waterproof vinyl floors last long?

    With all the spills, bumps and thumps it’s subjected to, you will be surprised to know our LVP/LVT floors can last longer than most floors. Pro-Tek offers a Lifetime Residential Warranty, while our Excel range offers a 30-year commercial warranty. So you can splash around all you want without any worry whatsoever.

    What about maintaining waterproof vinyl flooring? 

    Our waterproof flooring is incredibly easy to maintain and simple, regular maintenance is all you need. Just sweep and mop with microfibre mops or vacuum cleaners, like you normally would. If you need something stronger to clean tough spills, remember to use only specific vinyl floor cleaners.

     All muscle. All beauty.

    The most exciting part about LVP and LVT is hands-down, the many colours, designs, textures and types available. While you have the advantage of a rigid, waterproof core, you will love the choices at your disposal. Wish for warm oak? Prefer stately marble? Desire a modern monochrome? You can go all out with our collection. 

    Explore our revolutionary and stunning waterproof floor designs

    Our Luxury Vinyl range ticks all the boxes when it comes down to high-performing, 100% water-resistant floors that also look impressive.

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