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  • The Best Flooring That Won’t Go Out Of Style For Decades

    November 11th, 2022

    Interior design goes in seasons, just like the fashion industry. Colour choices, materials and patterns go through phases of being loved or loathed, but one of the style choices that transcends time or trends is medium-toned flooring. Versatile, neutral and available in a number of different options, medium-toned flooring is a popular choice for landlords, property developers and homeowners alike.

    What kinds of mid-toned flooring are popular?

    Mid-toned flooring comes in a variety of textures and materials.

    For example, carpet has long been popular in apartments for its sound-absorbing properties, which reduces noise in the property below and makes a space feel cosier. It comes in various textures, fibre lengths, colours and patterns, making it a versatile material for homeowners and tenants.

    Most landlords and property developers opt for a mid-toned tan or beige carpet with a subtle pattern. This makes it more likely that stains will be hidden, and the neutral tone helps the carpet to look cleaner for longer.

    However, in the last decade, an increasing number of homeowners are choosing to remove the carpet in favour of exposing the wooden floors underneath. For those who don’t have wooden floors under the carpet or want to cover the original floors to protect them, wood-grain vinyl is a popular option. 

    Wooden floors have always been a popular choice but have become the mainstay of modern properties in recent years. Whether it’s a commercial property or a family home, wooden floors are versatile and hardwearing, allowing things to be dropped or spilt and withstanding the stresses of large amounts of traffic. However, installing wooden floors can be expensive, requiring regular maintenance to continue looking their best.

    Vinyl flooring is a popular replacement for wooden floors. It comes in a variety of tones and textures that can replicate tile or wood.

    Vinyl flooring has become the most popular way to emulate wooden flooring, thanks to its ease of installation and maintenance. Vinyl flooring can be manufactured in a roll or delivered in clip-together boards, and once installed, it needs minimal maintenance past cleaning to ensure it looks its best. 

    Versatile and timeless

    One of the main reasons that mid-toned flooring is so popular is because it allows flexibility for the occupant. Property developers and landlords choose a neutral floor to ensure that it suits most interior design styles – neutral-toned floors allow the potential occupant to imagine their own furniture in the space and are, therefore, more likely to rent or buy the property. 

    Mid-toned flooring, particularly wooden or wood-grain vinyl flooring, is considered timeless. Most modern design styles integrate well with a mid-toned floor, which not only means that the colour is able to outlast modern interior trends, but it will also serve the occupant’s change in decor style as time goes on.  

    When looking at commercial properties, a mid-toned floor is still the ideal choice. Many companies are opting for more modern workspaces, with light interiors, brightly coloured furniture accents and wooden flooring. Other companies are choosing to continue with a more traditional route, with white walls and neutral office furniture. Multi-purpose meeting spaces are also a popular choice with businesses looking to hire workspace, and businesses often prefer these to be neutrally decorated to allow for as much flexibility as possible.

    Installing a mid-toned floor now will not only attract buyers or tenants over the next 12 months, but it’s a solid investment into improving sales value or rental potential in the long run.


    In addition to being versatile and a popular choice for all property types, some types of mid-toned flooring are particularly hardwearing and would be the ideal choice for busy properties like offices or family homes.

    If you’re looking for a particularly hardwearing form of mid-toned flooring, then consider choosing vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring is easy to install and doesn’t need a lot of specialist tools – Pro Tek has a full guide to installation. It also comes in various tones and textures to suit every property, allowing property developers, landlords and homeowners to choose what best reflects their needs. 

    Vinyl flooring is ideal for commercial properties because, unlike carpet or hardwood floors, it doesn’t need specialist supplies or expertise to clean. Once it’s installed, vinyl flooring only needs to be vacuumed regularly to stop large particles of dirt from scratching the surface, as well as standard cleaning as you would many other hard surfaces.

    The most important thing to remember with vinyl flooring aftercare is not to use steam and only apply products free of surfactants. More information can be found in Pro-Tek™ cleaning guide.

    As long as you pay attention to the cleaning guide, vinyl flooring can last for many years. It’s often only removed because the homeowner has decided to change the floor’s appearance rather than because it’s damaged.

    Mid-toned flooring is the ideal choice for both commercial properties and family homes. It is versatile colouring that goes with almost every interior design style will help it to have improved longevity over other colour choices. In addition to this, choosing a hardwearing material like vinyl flooring will help you to get years of use out of your investment. 


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