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  1. PRO-TEK™ WPC – What it is and Why it’s Different

    PRO-TEK™ WPC – What it is and Why it’s Different

    This time last year The Flooring Show hosted the launch of a new type of engineered vinyl flooring – PRO-TEK™ WPC. It’s not often that a new product enters the marketplace. There are new designs, new finishes, reinventions of previous innovations… but this was something different. Before Harrogates’ doors even opened, PRO-TEK™ WPC received a Flooring Innovation Award – and since then, it has firmly established itself as the new flooring option. But what is it that makes PRO-TEK™ WPC different, and how does it compare to traditional LVT and other composite constructions like ‘SPC’?

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  2. Are PRO-TEK™ WPC and Underfloor Heating Good Partners?

    Are PRO-TEK™ WPC and underfloor heating good partners?

    Underfloor heating has become very popular but many people are unsure about which material they can use it with. Stone and engineered wood are generally perceived to be a good match, but what about vinyl? And, does PRO-TEK™ WPC engineered vinyl flooring provide any additional advantages?

    Maybe surprising, traditional vinyl is a good partner and it conducts heat well. As most vinyl floors are relatively thin, they will require a completely smooth surface, to avoid irregularities showing through the surface; fine Latex levelling compounds are often recommended.

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