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  1. PRO-TEK™ WPC Goes Global

    PRO-TEK™ WPC Goes Global

    PRO-TEK™ WPC has extended its business into South America and the United Arab Emirates, with expansion into other international and European markets to follow later this year. New markets include Peru, Chile and Dubai, where the full range of PRO-TEK™ WPC engineered vinyl floors will be offered, alongside matching accessories.

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  2. PRO-TEK™ WPC – What it is and Why it’s Different

    PRO-TEK™ WPC – What it is and Why it’s Different

    This time last year The Flooring Show hosted the launch of a new type of engineered vinyl flooring – PRO-TEK™ WPC. It’s not often that a new product enters the marketplace. There are new designs, new finishes, reinventions of previous innovations… but this was something different. Before Harrogates’ doors even opened, PRO-TEK™ WPC received a Flooring Innovation Award – and since then, it has firmly established itself as the new flooring option. But what is it that makes PRO-TEK™ WPC different, and how does it compare to traditional LVT and other composite constructions like ‘SPC’?

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  3. Are PRO-TEK™ WPC and Underfloor Heating Good Partners?

    Are PRO-TEK™ WPC and underfloor heating good partners?

    Underfloor heating has become very popular but many people are unsure about which material they can use it with. Stone and engineered wood are generally perceived to be a good match, but what about vinyl? And, does PRO-TEK™ WPC engineered vinyl flooring provide any additional advantages?

    Maybe surprising, traditional vinyl is a good partner and it conducts heat well. As most vinyl floors are relatively thin, they will require a completely smooth surface, to avoid irregularities showing through the surface; fine Latex levelling compounds are often recommended.

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  4. PRO-TEK™ Introduces R11 Slip-resistant Finish to WPC Excel Collection

    PRO-TEK™ Introduces R11 Slip-resistant Finish to WPC Excel Collection

    PRO-TEK™ has introduced a new slip-resistant surface treatment to seven WPC floors across its Excel range. Each of the engineered vinyl floors now offers a R11 slip rating, offering even greater scope for commercial specification. PRO-TEK™ WPC also provides waterproof and acoustic features, as well as installation benefits for fast-track installation.

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  5. Benefits Stack up With PRO-TEK™ WPC

    Benefits stack up with PRO-TEK™ WPC

    Available in 40 wood and tile-effects, PRO-TEK™ WPC is a new type of engineered vinyl flooring now available in the UK. Combining an LVT surface finish with an integral water-proof core and acoustic underlay, the award-winning floor provides a robust finish and dramatically cuts installation time. The new designs are suitable for residential and commercial installation and are offered alongside a range of matching accessories, with a colour and décor-matched option for every floor.

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  6. Fast-track Vintage Timber-effects With PRO-TEK’s Distressed Collection

    Fast-track vintage timber-effects with PRO-TEK’s Distressed Collection

    PRO-TEK’s Distressed Collection includes a series of WPC engineered vinyl floors in tactile wood-effects. All designs feature PRO-TEK’s innovative fast-track construction, which includes a 100% waterproof core and integral acoustic underlay. PRO-TEK™ WPC can be installed in all locations - including bathrooms, basements and over underfloor heating.

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  7. What is Telegraphing and How Can it be Avoided?

    What is Telegraphing and How Can it be Avoided?

    The term ‘telegraphing’ describes visible raised areas on the surface of a resilient floor, like sheet vinyl or luxury vinyl tile. These areas generally appear as waves or ridges. Telegraphing is caused by irregularities in the subfloor that transmit through the material, distorting the finish and creating an undulating appearance. Moisture in the subfloor can also be a contributing factor. It’s particularly noticeable on thin sheet vinyl, which has a lot of drape, as well as light coloured and polished surfaces.

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  8. PRO-TEK™ WPC Receives Flooring Innovation Award

    PRO-TEK™ WPC receives Flooring Innovation Award

    PRO-TEK™ has received a Flooring Innovation Award for its new range of WPC engineered vinyl flooring. The new designs, which will be officially launched at the National Flooring Show in Harrogate, are offered in 40 waterproof wood and stone-effects. All of the designs are suitable for residential and commercial installation and are each offered with colour and décor-matched WPC vinyl-wrapped accessories.

    The National Flooring Innovation Award scheme “recognises everything that's new, exciting and innovative in the UK flooring industry”. This year, it attracted over 100 entries, across ten categories, with PRO-TEK™ WPC nominated as a finalist within the ‘smooths’ category.

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  9. What is WPC Engineered Vinyl Flooring?

    PRO-TEK™ Layers

    WPC engineered vinyl flooring is a wood plastic composite product. It’s still a relatively new concept in the UK but, in America, it’s one of the fastest growing surface sectors.

    WPC is waterproof and renowned for being stable and rigid. It is made up of calcium carbonate, thermoplastics and wood flour. In our PRO-TEK™ engineered vinyl flooring, the WPC element makes up the fifth layer of the floor. It sits below the UV layer, wear layer, décor layer and luxury vinyl top layer. It is the thickest layer and it forms the core structural layer, incorporating a glueless locking joint. Underneath the WPC layer is an attached IXPE foam underlay.

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