Benefits stack up with PRO-TEK™ WPC

Available in 40 wood and tile-effects, PRO-TEK™ WPC is a new type of engineered vinyl flooring now available in the UK. Combining an LVT surface finish with an integral water-proof core and acoustic underlay, the award-winning floor provides a robust finish and dramatically cuts installation time. The new designs are suitable for residential and commercial installation and are offered alongside a range of matching accessories, with a colour and décor-matched option for every floor.

PRO-TEK™ WPC features a multi-layered construction that comprises six layers. The traditional LVT layers sit above a waterproof wood plastic composite or ‘WPC’ core. This middle core has an integral joint, which locks the boards together without adhesive. The bottom layer comprises an attached IXPE foam underlay base. This integral construction maximises the floor’s versatility, reduces the amount of floor preparation required and speeds installation. It also eliminates ‘telegraphing’, where subfloor distortion can mirror to the floor surface.

PRO-TEK™ WPC can be installed in all settings - including bathrooms, basements and over underfloor heating – and there are design options to suit all interior styles. Wood-effects are divided into four distinct collections - Excel, Essential, Distressed and Excel Long Plank – and the Excel Tile Collection includes slate, travertine and marble-effects. All materials used are phthalate-free and 100% recyclable.

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