PRO-TEK™ WPC – What it is and Why it’s Different

This time last year The Flooring Show hosted the launch of a new type of engineered vinyl flooring – PRO-TEK™ WPC. It’s not often that a new product enters the marketplace. There are new designs, new finishes, reinventions of previous innovations… but this was something different. Before Harrogates’ doors even opened, PRO-TEK™ WPC received a Flooring Innovation Award – and since then, it has firmly established itself as the new flooring option. But what is it that makes PRO-TEK™ WPC different, and how does it compare to traditional LVT and other composite constructions like ‘SPC’?

Whilst ‘WPC’ or wood plastic composite flooring is still a fairly new concept in the UK, it is one of the fastest growing surface sectors in the US, where it’s offered as an alternative to LVT and laminate. In essence, PRO-TEK™ WPC combines an authentic registered embossed vinyl finish with two additional layers - a waterproof, jointed core and an attached acoustic underlay base. These extra layers provide specific features and benefits, to the specifier, flooring contactor and end user.

In terms of actual feel, the additional layers give PRO-TEK™ WPC its robustness and enhance its performance on uneven floors. Issues like telegraphing are eliminated, where subfloor irregularities can mirror through to the surface of a thinner vinyl product. But whilst the floor has a substantial feel, it is much lighter, more pliable and easier to cut than ‘SPC’ composite designs, which have a heavier stone plastic composite core.

During installation, the product’s integral underlay base – which is made from premium IXPE foam - speeds installation and reduces the amount of floor preparation needed. It also provides acoustic sound performance up to 24db. The product’s glueless joint – the Unilin Unifit – then offers the best technical performance of all ‘fold-down’ locking systems. Installation is fast and easy in all respects – angling, folding down and snapping - without the need for adhesive.

Underfoot, the combination of the foam underlay and wood-based core provide a softer, more comfortable feel compared to hard materials, like natural stone and ‘SPC’ composites, which are harder and noiser underfoot. All materials used are also 100% recyclable and phthalate-free.

Visually, PRO-TEK™ WPC’s natural look is achieved using a registered emboss technique, where the surface texture mirrors the vinyl’s grain pattern, creating depth and authenticity. This technique is used across the range, to create 40 individual floor designs in a variety of finishes, colours and formats. Wood effects are divided into four collections: ‘Excel’ rustic planks; ‘Distressed’ vintage designs; ‘Excel Long Plank’, which includes wider, longer boards and ‘Essential’ – a range designed for new build homes, refurbishment and student accommodation. The fifth collection, ‘Excel Tile’, includes eight designs in marble, slate and travertine effects. A complementary WPC accessories range also includes five profile designs, with a colour and décor-matched option for every floor.

PRO-TEK™ WPC’s construction, combined with its design breadth and eco credentials, provides a different type of flooring option. One that is neither an LVT nor a laminate, but something else instead. For both the commercial and domestic sectors, it brings together the features of other materials and offers them in one package. This new floor, with its unique layered construction, provides benefits that literally ‘stack up’.

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