Order a Sample

You can’t make a decision on your new flooring without seeing it first hand and up close, feeling the texture that will soon become a central part of your home. Pro-Tek has a huge range of textures and colours and to really experience the quality and finish you need to hold it in your hand. Enter your details in the form below and we will send a sample of your choice of flooring style, out to you in the post, to help you make your decision.


To order your sample/s please contact us by email: info@protekflooring.co.uk

Excel Tile collection samples you can order

beige travertine

Beige Traventine

grey travertine

Grey Traventine

natural slate

Natural Slate

venetain marble

Venitian Marble

charcoal slate

Charcoal Slate

ivory travertine

Ivory Traventine

smoke travertine

Smoke Traventine

vesuvian marble

Vesuvian Marble