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  • Should You Choose A White Vinyl Floor For Your Home?

    June 25th, 2022

    When choosing a floor style, the samples of white, whether with tile or white wood design on vinyl, can look really inviting. However, choosing a white floor can be a divisive choice. So if you’re thinking about adding a white vinyl floor to your home, here are some key considerations to bear in mind.

    Why choose a white vinyl floor?

    Lighten your space

    For small rooms, white flooring can be a fantastic way to reflect light throughout your space to help make your room feel bigger and more spacious.

    Make it feel cool and calming

    There is something instantly calming about using pale hues on your flooring. It’s reminiscent of European design and can invoke a light, airy holiday feel to your space. This is especially true of vinyl designs that mimic broad wooden floorboards.

    Ideal for bold colour choices

    If you have bright, bold furniture or an eclectic mix of colours in your home, choosing a white neutral floor can bring the room together and create a calm background for the colours to pop. So, if you have vibrant artwork, neon lighting, or brightly coloured furniture, white vinyl flooring can be an excellent way to tie your whole design together.

    Ideal for shabby chic

    A white vinyl flooring that mimics white-sanded wooden floors is the perfect style for a French shabby chic design. It creates an unfussy yet infinitely stylish appearance. Add rustic furniture, vintage items and distressed surfaces with a pastel palette to create a space that feels inviting, warm and laidback.

    Monochrome is your go-to

    If hues of black, white, and grey are what you envision for your space, then a white vinyl floor can help balance the design and ensure there is enough light, so it doesn’t feel too dark or imposing. This can be an excellent choice for a long-term style that never goes out of fashion.

    It’s minimalist

    If your dream home is somewhere unfussy, spacious and zen-like, then an all-white space can look incredible with clean white vinyl flooring. The benefit of vinyl in this situation is it’s cushioned and absorbs sound, so your tranquillity won’t be disturbed by noise.

    It feels clean

    A bright white floor can help a room to feel really clean and polished, which is ideal for spaces you want to be hygienic,



    such as kitchens and bathrooms. A white floor can show dirt, dust and grime, but having a white floor is a great way to showcase cleanliness.

    Key considerations when choosing a white floor

    Dust and dirt are more visible

    Unlike grey or wood effect flooring, white vinyl flooring will show up every mark. If you want your white floor to look flawless, it may require more cleaning as dust, prints, and grime will be more visible. The good thing about vinyl flooring is that it is easy to keep clean, so cleaning time will be lower, but it may be more frequent.

    It requires maintenance

    Again, all marks will show on a white floor, and to prevent long-lasting stains, it is important to give the floor regular maintenance and cleaning. A vinyl floor typically needs minimal maintenance, making a white vinyl floor a more convenient choice than white hardwood or tiles, but it is still a factor to bear in mind.

    Dents and scratches are more visible on white

    While a white vinyl floor is incredibly hardwearing and durable, heavy furniture can leave an impression on the vinyl, which can be more visible on white floors. With this in mind, floor protectors may be required to keep your white vinyl floor looking good for longer.

    White flooring can stain

    Another potential consideration is that white flooring can be susceptible to yellow staining, especially in areas where it might be greasy, such as the kitchen. However, you can mitigate the risk by opting for a quality choice vinyl, such as Pro-Tek™ which has a commercial-grade wear layer to protect against staining.

    Is a white vinyl floor suitable for your home?

    Whether classic or contemporary, there is white flooring to suit every home; whether wood-effect or tile designs, white vinyl flooring can be a durable and low-cost choice that can last for years. It can be well worth trying a white floor in a small space to start with, to see how you find it.

    What’s more, white can work really well in smaller spaces to make the room feel brighter, lighter and more spacious. The great thing about white flooring is that it’s the perfect backdrop for stylish rugs and runners, which can help lower the amount of cleaning and maintenance the space needs.


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