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  • Top Style Trend For 2022: Aged And Authentic – Here’s How To Use It

    October 11th, 2022

    Surfaces crafted with the look of natural materials are trending. Whether it’s a wood-look vinyl flooring option with authentic textures and designs or a rustic table made from reclaimed wood, these surfaces do more than just look good; they can add warmth, beauty and comfort to your living spaces.

    Authenticity is on trend in 2022. Natural variations in colour and texture tell a story. Authentic surfaces that are used in their natural state have replaced the perfect finish. This is why we’ve seen a rise in wood-look vinyl flooring options with authentic textures and designs, as well as colour trends that reflect an interest in authenticity and nature.

    Natural textures bring an element of the outside in and bring a calming feel to a space, but it can be expensive. Wood effect vinyl flooring with realistic grain is an excellent alternative that can be more affordable and more hardwearing in the long term.

    Using materials in their natural state

    Natural materials provide a more authentic look and feel. Aged surfaces are versatile and durable, hiding any imperfections that you may add to them over time. There are a wide variety of colours to choose from under the “natural” umbrella – wood, stone, and metal are all-natural textures that can add authenticity to your home. You can also take advantage of low-gloss finishes that make maintenance easier year after year.

    When choosing wood-grain vinyl flooring, you can be sure that it will last. While it looks like real wood, it is more durable and cost-effective. Vinyl flooring is also easy to look after, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining your new floor for years to come like you would with a natural wooden floor.

    Colour trends of authentic nature

    You may have already noticed the authenticity trend in other market areas. Consumers are seeking out products that reflect their personal style and values rather than what society tells them to buy. People want their spaces to reflect who they are as individuals. This movement isn’t limited to decorating trends—it’s also evident in wider colour trends this year.

    Colour trends for 2022 reflect an interest in authenticity and nature. Earthy tones have become hugely popular, as have splashes of bright, primary colours to add a token nod to individual quirks. Consumers have also become more aware of their environmental impact, which is a big reason for the uptick in the popularity of using natural materials.

    It’s much better to invest in a good quality piece now than have to replace the same item several times as time goes on – the same can be said for flooring.

    Aged surfaces add character

    Aged surfaces have the power to transform your home. Small imperfections tell a story, add character and show off a little of your personality. They’re a great way to add a lived-in feel to your home, but naturally aged surfaces can cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

    To get the look on a more modest budget, consider choosing surfaces that have been artificially aged. Vinyl flooring is one of the best options for this – it’s available in a variety of textures like stone, wood and slate that emulate natural patina that you could find in carefully milled natural materials. 

    The aged texture adds a design flare to your home, but it’s also practical. Aged surfaces are much better at hiding small amounts of damage or natural imperfections. A surface with a lot of texture is much better at hiding dirt, dust or pet hair in between your normal cleaning cycle, which keeps your home looking tidy for longer. 

    Rustic, aged and patina

    Rustic is a style of decorating that uses materials that are natural, unfinished, or imperfect in some way. These surfaces can be created by hand or machine, and they can be made from wood, metal, stone or other materials.

    Patinas are finishes that add character to raw surfaces like wood. You can purchase patinas or create the look yourself by ageing items with chemicals. The result will be a worn look similar to what you might find on an old barn floor or vintage door knob.

    Adding elements of patina to your home elevates your style and makes it feel more timeless, but it can be costly. Choosing alternative materials with artificial patina, such as a rustic-looking vinyl floor, provides the perfect balance of practicality, affordability and aesthetics.

    Whether you’re looking for a rustic, handcrafted or artificially aged surface to add warmth, beauty and comfort to your living spaces, this season’s trends are ideal for creating cosy spaces.

    Weathered surfaces are making a comeback in 2022. The look of these surfaces does more than add visual interest; it can make your home feel warm and inviting.

    Ultimately, all kinds of aged surfaces are popular this year. So adding aged-effect vinyl flooring to your home now will give an on-trend flourish to your space as well as looking timeless for years to come. Simply make sure to look after your vinyl floor properly, and it’ll look its best for a long time. 

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