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  • What is the lifespan of Click Vinyl Flooring?

    June 1st, 2023

    Understandably, click vinyl flooring has become a popular flooring option due to its durability and long lifespan but just how long will it last?


    There are many factors that will influence how long your vinyl flooring will last for including:


    • Quality of product – a high standard of quality will play a significant factor in the longevity of the flooring.  Look for products with hard wearing, multi-layered construction from reputable vinyl flooring companies.


    PRO-TEK™ Excel plank construction

    PRO-TEK™ Excel plank constructed of 7 layers.


    • Manufacturer warranty – if a manufacturer has faith in its products they will back them up with a decent warranty.


    • Guarantee  – ensure the company you buy from offers long or lifetime product guarantees.


    • Thickness of the wear layer – check the total depth of the plank as well as the thickness of the wear layer.  Flooring manufacturers will provide this level of information and as a rule of thumb, the thicker it is the better. 


    • Maintenance and care – maintaining vinyl click flooring is easy and essential to maximise its lifespan.  Regularly vacuuming or sweeping will remove any debris that might scratch or damage the floor surface.  Clean with non-abrasive products free from harsh chemicals or manufacturer recommended products and ensure spills and dirt are cleaned up quickly.


    • Environmental factors – whilst most click vinyl flooring is resistant to moisture, exposing it to large quantities of water or sunlight for prolonged periods of time could cause damage.  Ensuring good ventilation is best practice for most rooms and minimising moisture will prevent mould growth and warping.  In addition, rotating where your furniture and rugs sit will prevent any uneven fading over time.


    • Foot-fall – larger spaces with heavy foot traffic such as reception areas, hallways and living rooms are likely to show signs of wear and tear sooner due to the frequency of use.  Opt for more durable flooring and additional protection such as pads for furniture, mats or rugs.


    Engineered vinyl flooring


    Companies such as PRO-TEK™ provide easy to follow maintenance guides which will help to increase the longevity of vinyl click flooring ensuring it looks like new for many years.

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