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  • What’s The Biggest Trend To Add Opulence To Your Home In 2022?

    November 22nd, 2022

    Herringbone flooring is hugely popular in 2022. Often seen in high-end hotels or luxurious homes, it’s seen as a sign of modern opulence. However, the origins of herringbone flooring are much older than you may think. Herringbone flooring dates back to ancient Rome when it was first made of bricks to provide structural integrity to the roads. Since then, it has become a symbol of elegance and style.

    The history of herringbone flooring

    In ancient Rome, craftsmen were inspired by the backbones of fish while looking for a way to introduce more stability to their crafts. They knew that this design could increase the stability and strength of an item, so they started using the pattern in anything from fabrics to road designs – many of which are still in place today!

    Herringbone became a popular design choice over the years – it was known for the structural integrity that it gave to many items, and it soon became a symbol of longevity and quality. While new technology made it easier to build roads, the trend of using herringbone flooring continued as a style choice.

    This classic pattern has been around for several hundred years and was expensive to install, but with modern technology, you can now have your own beautiful herringbone floors in your home!

    Benefits of herringbone flooring

    Herringbone flooring isn’t just gorgeous – it’s practical too. Herringbone floors make any room feel more spacious, thanks to a simple trick of the eye. Choose light-coloured herringbone flooring for a space that feels more spacious and well-lit.

    Herringbone flooring is highly versatile – it can be paired with just about any colour scheme or design style, resulting in a style that looks elegant and timeless and is sure to wow your guests.

    Just like the ancient Roman design, Pro-Tek™ herringbone luxury vinyl tile is incredibly durable. Each tile is 100% waterproof, scratch-resistant and stain resistant, meaning it will easily stand up to the stress of everyday life in a busy home or retail space. 

    Why choose grey herringbone flooring?

    There are a huge variety of colours and styles to choose from when considering herringbone flooring, which means that it’s easy to find a style to suit your home. 

    Grey herringbone is a great choice if you’re looking for something that’s subtle and sophisticated. This grey flooring can easily blend into any colour scheme – it will look great in modern spaces as well as more traditional settings.

    If you want light floors but don’t want them to feel too sterile or cold, consider pale grey herringbone LVT flooring. The grey herringbone flooring adds visual interest to your design without darkening the room or adding extra colour. In fact, the combination of light grey floors and the herringbone design can make your space feel much larger.

    If you want to add a sense of opulence and drama to a space, then choose dark grey herringbone LVT flooring. The combination of rich colour and the herringbone pattern add a sense of grandeur to any space. Dark grey herringbone LVT flooring blends seamlessly with modern and more traditional design choices, making it the ideal choice for maximalist design lovers.

    Whatever shade of grey herringbone flooring you choose, you’ll find that any furniture you introduce to the space will instantly look elevated. The grey herringbone easily adds a real elegance to your home.

    Why choose Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)?

    Luxury Vinyl Tile is a great option for any room in the house, but particularly high-traffic areas or areas where accidents or spillages are likely to occur, like kitchens. LVT flooring is durable, waterproof, stain-resistant and easy to maintain.

    Luxury Vinyl Tile has a variety of styles and colours to choose from. Whether you like the look of wood or stone floors but don’t want the inconvenience of maintaining them, many options will fit your decorating needs perfectly.

    Installation is quick and easy with Luxury Vinyl Tiles because they can be laid with no gaps between the pieces. It’s particularly great for more complex patterns like herringbone – while it would take a carpenter days to precisely cut each piece at the right angle, LVT flooring comes ready to lay with only a few adjustments needed for your room size.

    Pro-Tek™ herringbone flooring 

    Herringbone is a popular choice for many homeowners because it looks great in any room and feels completely timeless with any design. Herringbone LVT flooring is easy to install and look after – minimal maintenance is required, and the highly durable tiles should look great for many years to come. A wet mop and vacuum cleaner are all that’s needed to keep your herringbone LVT flooring looking its best.

    All of Pro-Tek™’s LVT flooring has been extensively tested to ensure that every panel is waterproof, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant and highly durable.

    The herringbone pattern is a timeless design that has been around for centuries, and it’s not hard to see why. Herringbone is elegant and sophisticated, which makes it perfect both in traditional homes and modern spaces. If you’re looking to create an upscale space that exudes luxury and sophistication without being ostentatious, then herringbone LVT flooring may be exactly what you need!


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