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  • Dark Opulence Or Light And Airy: Which Is Best For Your Home?

    November 11th, 2022

    The vinyl flooring that you choose can make a massive difference to the overall style and feel of a space. Choosing between a light floor or a dark floor is usually one of the first decisions to make and can significantly impact how the space feels. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about light or dark flooring. Both have pros and cons, making it difficult to decide if you don’t have a specific design in mind already.

    Whether you’re a contractor looking to advise your client or you’re redesigning your own space, these are some of the things to bear in mind.

    Does dark vinyl make a space appear smaller?

    One of the longest-held preconceptions is that dark vinyl flooring will make a space feel smaller. Instead, dark flooring is often chosen for open-plan spaces to bring a sense of luxury and anchor the rest of the room. 

    While dark vinyl flooring can make a room feel smaller, this isn’t always the case. The same sense of luxury and grounding can be applied to a smaller space and make the room feel larger if it’s well-designed. Avoid darker tones or busy patterns on the walls, and ensure that the space is well-lit by natural or artificial lighting.

    Furniture with longer legs ensures that more floor space is visible. This increases how spacious the room feels. A small space with dark flooring that’s otherwise bright and airy can make the room feel larger rather than smaller.

    Does light vinyl flooring show imperfections?

    One of the biggest concerns when choosing vinyl flooring is how hardwearing it will be and how often it needs to be cleaned to look its best. Regardless of colour, vinyl flooring is very hardwearing, but choosing a colour that reflects the homeowner’s lifestyle is vital.

    Despite what many people believe, light-coloured vinyl flooring is much better at hiding scratches and imperfections. In addition, textures like light wood grain or slate are great for hiding scratches, dust or small pieces of debris – this makes light vinyl flooring ideal for pet owners.

    Dark floors are prone to more visible scratches, but they’re still hardwearing, so you don’t need to be too concerned. Dirt and debris are much less visible on dark vinyl flooring, meaning they don’t require much maintenance past a standard cleaning routine. Darker flooring would be a great option for families with young children, although pet hair will be more visible. 

    How to style dark vinyl flooring

    Customers often choose lighter tones of vinyl flooring simply because it’s easier to style. A light, neutral tone will go with almost any design aesthetic and look cohesive with little effort. This makes it a great option for anyone looking to sell their home in the near future or planning to rent a property, as it’s something that most people would choose.



    Conversely, a lot of homeowners find dark flooring more challenging to style. It’s true that it might not suit every style of decor, but once styled with appropriate furniture, it can make a space feel much more luxurious.

    Pair dark flooring with monochromatic furniture for a modern feel. If you have a larger space and you’re feeling adventurous, then opt for rich tones like emerald greens or a mid-toned blue to create a truly opulent feel. 

    Will light floors go out of style?

    Light vinyl flooring has been the mainstay of home design for decades. It’s a timeless classic, which means it’s very unlikely to go out of style.

    When choosing light vinyl flooring, pay special attention to the undertones of the colour. Grey flooring is very on trend this season, as are creamy beiges and satin wood finishes. For longevity, choose a light-toned wood with neutral or ashy undertones – these styles are timeless classics that are likely to always be in demand.

    Darker tones have become more fashionable in the last five years. It’s ideal for homes with modern design touches or in country homes for a timeless and cosy feel. Dark vinyl flooring may become less popular over time, but it’s very unlikely that it will become obsolete.

    Monochromatic looks have long been popular, and dark flooring isn’t one simple choice. Dark vinyl flooring comes in several different styles – from a deep wooden texture to a deep stone or slate. Opting for a timeless texture makes it more likely that the vinyl flooring you choose will remain popular for years to come.

    Choosing the right flooring for you

    There are many things to consider when choosing the right vinyl flooring. If you prefer to change your home decor more frequently, then a light vinyl floor will give you more styling options. If you prefer a timeless, dramatic and luxurious feel, then dark floors would be the best option.

    Ultimately you need to consider your client’s needs (or yourself, if designing your own home) and how long you intend to live there. For busy people or pet owners, light vinyl flooring is much less likely to show any imperfections or pet hair.

    For families, dark vinyl floors require less maintenance which is ideal for messy children! Light floors are often more popular in rental properties or for property developers because they appeal to more people.

    If you’re choosing vinyl flooring for your home, pick whichever style you like best and don’t worry about resale value. Vinyl flooring is hardwearing and will last for years, so choose based on your needs, and it’ll look great for a long time to come.

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