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  • Why Engineered Vinyl Is the Perfect Choice for Modular Housing

    June 14th, 2022


    Of all the important choices you have to make when building a modular home, or any home for that matter, the most important is flooring. There are a multitude of options available to you, however, engineered vinyl planks and tiles have been growing in popularity over the past couple of years and it’s for good reason.


    Solid wood has always been a popular and beautiful choice of flooring, due to its natural textures and its timeless and classic charm. Wood however is very expensive and does come with some headaches. Wood is soft and therefore susceptible to scratches and denting and if lacquered, it will tend to fade over time. This means that wood floors need to be refinished every few years to keep them looking like new. They are also quite costly and time-consuming to install.


    Carpets have been a staple floor covering for centuries. They are a cost-effective option, soft and plush underfoot and ideal for bedrooms and lounges. They do however harbour allergens, can never be cleaned properly, change colour easily and, in today’s busy world, can be quite an inconvenience to maintain. Modern trends see us moving away from carpets as they give homes a more traditional, outdated look and that is also not suitable in modular builds that include extensions such as kitchens, bathrooms, and conservatories, which may get wet.


    Why Engineered Vinyl Wins Out Over the Rest

    What is the perfect solution, then? Luxury vinyl tiles and planks. LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) or LVP (luxury vinyl planks) are engineered vinyl, constructed from multiple hard-wearing plastic composite materials that mimic the look of real wood, ceramic or stone in any colour or design. Engineered vinyl is also much more durable and much easier to maintain than other types of flooring and the number of styles and colours to choose from is vast. 



    Pro-Tek™ Engineered Click Vinyl Flooring

    Pro-Tek™ has been at the forefront of engineered vinyl technology and we have been manufacturing our own award-winning, 100% waterproof click vinyl flooring for over three years. The Pro-Tek™ Editions range of SPC vinyl was created and manufactured specifically with modular builds in mind, with 36 designs and colours to choose from to suit every client’s need, including herringbone and tiles. With low prices, trade discounts and bulk purchase savings, the Editions collection is considerably less expensive than wood and other flooring options, offering a high-quality product at a cheaper cost.


    Pro-Tek™ Editions comes with a patented Uniclic® click locking system and built-in underlay which makes fitting a breeze. It ensures that there is no downtime for modular builders and homeowners when laying their flooring and due to the ease of installation, it saves money too.


    Pro-Tek™ engineered vinyl is hard-wearing and 100% waterproof that, unlike carpet or solid wood, can be fitted anywhere and will not warp or dent in high-traffic areas or those susceptible to water spills and humidity like bathrooms and kitchens. It’s a weight off your shoulders when you know you can have a good-looking, great-quality product that you can use throughout a build and not just in a particular place in your home. It will work well in any space and is perfect for applications such as guesthouses, rental properties, or expanded living spaces for friends and family. Likewise, Pro-Tek™ Editions offers a great solution for flooring in commercial spaces such as mobile offices, studios, warehouses and even mini museums and galleries.


    In fact, we are so confident that you will find Pro-Tek™ the perfect flooring solution for your project that we are offering modular building companies preferential rates on all our products. This in conjunction with a lifetime warranty for residential builds and a 20-year warranty on commercial builds.


    Call us today to order a free sample or to speak to one of our agents who can help you with project pricing and every accessory option for your build.

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