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    General Cleaning

    It is recommended that you sweep and vacuum the area immediately after installation, to remove potentially damaging grit and debris.

    Further cleaning with an approved pre-finished floor cleaner is also recommended, as required.

    Do not buff, wax or use cleaning products that contain surfactants.

    Never steam clean or use a steam mop on the floor.

    Transition Bars

    If you have removed any transition or edging bars and not covered their place with the flooring, they should be reinstalled before the floor is used. There are also a range of different accessories available, colour matched to each flooring, to enable a professional finish whatever the space.

    Furniture & Appliances

    If you are moving and placing furniture and appliances in areas with Pro-Tek™ floors, cover all feet and floor contact points with heavy self-adhesive felt pads to protect the floor. Lift heavy objects when moving them and avoid rolling or sliding them across the floor to prevent scratching.

    Felt pads on chair legs should be replaced periodically as they will wear and accumulate grit with use, which can damage the floor.

    People and Pets

    Outdoor footwear, hard-soled shoes and stiletto type heels should not be worn when walking on engineered vinyl floors, as they may mark, abrade or otherwise damage the surface and finish.

    Likewise, keep pet nails trimmed, especially dogs, do not keep litter boxes or  pet food orwater dishes directly on the flooring and ensure any toilet training accidents are cleaned immediately.

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