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Light Reflective Values

Our flooring has been tested for its light-reflective properties. The values are as measured Specular Included for D65/10, where: D65 is daylight/fluorescent daylight tubes. 10 is a large area view of the sample.

Excel Classic

Lab No.Product CodeProduct Code ProductLRV
095/18P100Chiswick Grey23.7
096/18P101Mayfair Grey20.4
097/18P102Knightsbridge Fawn28.8
097/18P103Fulham Grey35.7
099/18P104Chelsea Oak25.6
100/18P105Notting Hill Ivory52.9
101/18P106Piccadilly Tan30.9
102/18P107Bayswater Grey14.8
103/18P108Belgravia Oak28.4
104/18P109Camden Chino33.7
105/18P200Highgate Mocha12.8
106/18P201Kensington Oak27.4
107/18P202Islington Oak34.5
108/18P203Westminster Walnut10.4

Excel Longplank

Lab No.Product CodeProductLRV
089/18LP1Delilah Grey27.4
33.0090/18LP2Charlie Oak33.0
091/18LP3Jasmine Grey11.7
092/18LP4Layla Walnut12.9
093/18LP5Cameron Oak30.2
094/18LP6Mia Grey58.9

Editions Tiles

Lab No.Product CodeProductLRV
236/19T1000Natural Slate44.7
237/19T2000Charcoal Slate8.7
238/19T3000Venetian Marble54.2
239/19T4000Vesuvian Marble7.9
240/19T5000Ivory Travertine63.1
241/19T6000Beige Travertine49.5
242/19T7000Smoke Travertine23.3
243/19T8000Grey Travertine34.2

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