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  • Premium Quality Luxury Vinyl Flooring

    Luxury Vinyl Flooring

    Are you looking for high-quality luxury vinyl flooring in the UK? Look no further than Pro-Tek™ Flooring!


    Luxury vinyl flooring is a synthetic material designed to look and feel like natural wood or stone.


    It comes in many colours and designs, helping you create the perfect look for your home or business. It is resistant to scratches, stains, and fading, keeping it looking new for years to come.


    Luxury vinyl flooring is also waterproof, making it ideal for residential and commercial spaces. If you're looking for luxury vinyl flooring in the UK that is both stylish and practical, Pro-Tek™ Flooring is the best choice. We offer a wide range of LVT options perfect for any room in your home, including moisture-prone kitchens and bathrooms.


    Our floors are naturally warm underfoot, and as they are scratch-resistant, they are also ideal for families with children or pets.



    Editions Herringbone

    12 stunning herringbones, each with a rich variety of hues creating individual and statement floors every time. Affordable and practical style for any space.

    Excel Longplank

    Excel Longplank is a selection of 10 longer length planks which look great in larger, open plan areas or hallways with less joins creating a more seamless visual flow. 

    Editions Essential

    Essential planks offer a high quality, low-cost option for larger accommodation projects. With two contemporary greys and two timeless wood finishes, complementing any design and environment.

    Editions Classic

    New to the range, the Editions Classic collection offers 14 style and colour options, all with 100% waterproof core. Great value and ideal for all spaces.

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    Grey Wood




    Range Summary

    Colours 18 10 12 12 8 4
    Wear Layer 0.7mm 0.7mm 0.55mm 0.55mm 0.55mm 0.55mm
    Overall Thickness 8mm 8.5mm 5mm 5mm 5mm 5mm
    Width 180mm 228mm 180mm 100mm 300mm 150mm
    Length 1220mm 1524mm 1220mm 600mm 600mm 1220mm
    Residential Warranty
    Commercial Warranty
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    Why Choose Pro-Tek™ Flooring?

    Are you looking for high-quality luxury vinyl flooring in UK? Look no further than Pro-Tek™ Flooring! We offer a wide range of LVT options perfect for any room in your home, including kitchens and bathrooms. Our floors are naturally warm underfoot and scratch-resistant, ideal for families with children or pets. With such a vast range of vinyl flooring to choose from, we’re sure to have the perfect option for you!

    The Pro-Tek™ Difference

    Superior Construction

    All Pro-Tek™ collections are constructed using only the best quality materials for all layers to ensure optimum performance for all environments.
    We only use commercial grade wear layer for added protection against staining and excessive wear and our Excel ranges are the thickest click vinyl boards available.

    Easy Click Lock System

    Pro-Tek™ flooring uses Unilin click lock systems, making it easy to connect the planks together without the need for adhesives.
    This also speeds up installation, plus makes it easier to lay over existing floors.

    Breadth of Range

    There are two different ranges, Excel and Editions, with different compositions.

    Plus there are multiple collections in each, providing a selection of 68 style and colour options in total.
    In addition, Pro-Tek™ is the only brand of vinyl flooring with a complete set of matching accessories, all with a waterproof core, for a complete finish to any installation.

    Ongoing, Rigorous Testing

    We employ our own, full-time Quality Control Inspector at our factory to oversee the production process of all Pro-Tek™ flooring from start to finish.
    Once manufactured, the flooring and packaging is again checked by a senior inspector and every container is also checked by an ISO accredited laboratory to ensure it meets our high standards before it is shipped.

    Commitment to Reducing Environmental Impact

    We ensure we have minimised any environmental impact of our flooring with all materials being 100% recyclable and phthalate-free.
    In addition, the top UV layer prevents colours from fading in sunlight and has an anti-scratch finish increasing the lifespan of our products.

    Commitment to Support & Training

    We are also committed to providing ongoing support and training. We have developed a RIBA/NBS accredited CPD training session which we deliver to architects and designers across the UK, both in person and through remote access.
    Contact us on info@protekflooring.co.uk to book a CPD session.

    Commitment to Continuous Development

    We are always reviewing new technologies to ensure that not only are all the Pro-Tek™ products offering the best innovation in flooring but that they have also been tested to the highest standards.
    In addition, we ensure that all Pro-Tek™ Excel packaging includes a QR code linking the product to the TRUSST Blockchain scheme, to guarantee the authenticity and provenance of every pack.

    Extended Warranties

    At 30 years, Pro-Tek™ Excel offers the longest commercial warranty of any click vinyl products in the UK, make it the perfect choice for Hospitality & Leisure, Education, Retail, Healthcare and Office settings.
    In addition all Pro-Tek™ flooring collections come with a lifetime residential warranty.

    Commercial Flooring

    Rigorously tested for use in high footfall areas, 100% waterproof and with a commercial-grade wear layer, Pro-TekTM is ideal for bars, restaurants, hotels, offices and public buildings.

    What is Vinyl Flooring?

    This is a new generation of vinyl flooring offering all the aesthetic benefits of natural materials such as wood and stone but with a whole host of practical benefits essential for modern living. Pro-Tek™ is state-of-the-art flooring, with a superior, multi-layered construction developed over many years and harnessing innovative engineering technology.


    Fundamental to all Pro-Tek™ products is a hard-wearing luxury vinyl layer with an impact resistant surface, 100% waterproof core and built -in underlay, making it the ideal flooring solution for any location. It is also incredibly easy and quick to install, with its simple click-lock system and suitability to be laid directly onto many existing subfloors.


    Often also called Click Vinyl or Luxury Vinyl Tiles.

    Pro-Tek LVT Technology

    We believe that installing high-quality flooring in UK should be as quick and simple as possible. To ensure this happens, we utilise Unilin click vinyl flooring — ensuring installation is a simple click-and-lock process.


     We have also developed a premium underlay product that makes the installation process even easier. And all our engineered luxury vinyl flooring options in UK can be laid on existing flooring, so you don’t have to waste time preparing a floor and removing the existing materials.


     We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our LVT products. This approach helped us to develop a second type of product to complement our waterproof plastic core flooring options. In 2020, we successfully launched our stone plastic core (SPC) flooring range, which delivers the same quality and insulation properties at a significantly lower price.


     We want to ensure our customers don’t have to go anywhere else for everything they need to install their luxury vinyl flooring. Every Pro-Tek™ LVT product comes with a complementary range of accessories ensuring you can buy everything you need for the floor of your dreams.

    Current Bestsellers

    Excel Classic Chelsea Oak


    Editions Essential Dittam Grey


    Editions Classic Regents Grey


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Connecting one vinyl panel to the next is relatively straightforward. You simply click one board into the next. But for the best results, you should hire a professional flooring installer. There are several tasks involved in the installation of vinyl click flooring, including the use of spacers and the creation of expansion gaps. There’s also the fitting of the underlay to consider. And while the process of ‘clicking’ the boards together might be simple, you still need to cut them to length when you hit walls and doors — which requires skill and a range of specialist tools.

    LVT and LVP are both types of luxury vinyl flooring, but they deliver very different aesthetic outcomes. Luxury vinyl tiles are designed to look like tiles — they’re similarly shaped and very often feature a classic tile effect. Luxury vinyl plank, however, is designed to closely resemble a traditional hardwood floorboard. A lot of customers prefer LVT in a bathroom or kitchen and LVP in a living space.

    We believe luxury vinyl floors are cost-effective, robust and low-maintenance, which is why we recommend them to so many of our customers. While it is possible to scratch luxury vinyl, hardwood flooring scratches a lot more easily. Easy to install, hard-wearing and available in a multitude of designs and finishes, luxury vinyl is a fantastic choice for people in search of a relatively affordable floor that’s easy to clean.

    You may have heard both terms used to describe vinyl flooring, and that’s because LVT is a type of luxury vinyl. The great thing about this versatile flooring is that it can be fitted in any type of space. But if you want to create a tiled effect in your bathroom, for example, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is a great way to do so with hard-wearing vinyl. We supply luxury vinyl in tiles, planks and sheets. But the great thing about choosing tiles is they can be easily replaced when they get damaged. You don’t need to replace the entire floor if you notice a scratch or gouge.

    We’re often asked to recreate the look and feel of a real wood floor on a budget. We believe one of the best ways to do this is with engineered vinyl flooring. This ultra-realistic material is comprised of a vinyl top layer that’s usually designed to look just like hardwood or tile. But at the core of engineered vinyl flooring is MDF or DHF. The layers are securely fastened together and mounted onto a secure backing — giving you a highly durable and aesthetically pleasing floor surface.

    Vinyl flooring is a highly durable, waterproof flooring material made by combining two or more layers of man-made substances. The layers are ‘sandwiched’ together to increase strength and durability. The top layer is designed to recreate the look or feel of a premium flooring material, such as hardwood, stone or tile. High-quality vinyl also delivers cushioning and sound-absorption qualities — at a fraction of the cost of real stone, wood or tile floors.

    LVT (luxury vinyl tile) is usually produced in the shape as tiles, and it is often designed to ‘click’ together during the installation process. Versatile, hard-wearing and very easy to clean, LVT gives people the option of premium floor surfaces at affordable prices. For example, if you want a stone floor in your kitchen but you don’t have the required budget, stone-effect LVT will deliver the look without the price tag. LVT is one of the most popular flooring materials on the market today because of its practicality, durability and cost-effectiveness.

    Vinyl sheeting flooring is a type of luxury vinyl that comes in large, continuous sheets. It’s completely impervious to water, which makes it perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Fitted like a carpet, vinyl sheet flooring can recreate the look of a hardwood or tiled floor without leaving gaps for water to get into. However, unlike LVT or LVP, you’ll need to replace your entire floor when it gets damaged — rather than just the plank or tile that’s affected.