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    A brand new floor can seem like a daunting prospect and you might have a thousand questions: Will the floor suit my décor? Will it reflect my style? What if I want to mix and match different textures? How do I experiment with all the options I like?.


    We hear you. Although our experts are always on hand to advise and guide, we understand that you might want a test run to be absolutely certain. This is where our free sampling service comes into play. We offer extra-large samples so that you get to see, feel and colour match the floors easily. Our samples, of course, offer only a taste of the big picture and do not account for minor variations between planks. Nonetheless, it’s a great start to help you narrow down your choices and find your perfect floor.

    Shed some light on your floor.

    It’s important to note that your floor will appear different under different lighting conditions. For instance, light coloured floors seem to expand the room in natural light and are best for minimalistic, Scandinavian or Shabby Chic decors. Dark coloured floors, on the other hand, absorb light and exude a cozy and intimate ambience, more suited for elegant or glamorous spaces. Our samples will help you achieve a true colour representation of your chosen options. Simply place it in the actual space you wish to lay the floor on and gauge its beauty against every kind of light.

    Feel it all.

    Right from the texture, the finish, the quality to the colour – you get to explore it all with our XXL samples. Large enough for you to fully appreciate the finer details of aesthetics and functionality, our samples also allow you to experience what it’s like underfoot.

    Bring everything together.

    Your flooring plays a vital role in tying your space together and just cannot be ignored. The interior décor and the floors need to be a match made in heaven. Our samples allow you to colour match and see if the floor complements your space in its entirety. We have so many versatile options to choose from that you are bound to find ‘the one’.

    At your door in just 4 steps.



    Find a floor you like and look out for the "Free Sample" button


    Add to Basket

    Up to 3 samples can be added at a time, but you can order more later, if needed.



    Confirm your options again and fill in your delivery details.


    Await Delivery

    Your samples will be at your door in no time.

    Help at hand.

    All our stunning floors are conveniently arranged in our ‘Shop by room’ and ‘Shop by colour’ pages. You can simply browse, add your favourites and get ready for delivery of your free samples.

    If you need more guidance, our Flooring Experts will be happy to assist you on 020 39175550 or info@protekflooring.co.uk.

    Explore. Create. Share.

    Our samples take the stress out of laying a floor and make it more playful and fun. You get to mix and match, discover new possibilities or create a whole new statement with our gorgeous floors. We encourage you to share the look and feel of your space with friends and family too, so you can see it from every perspective.

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