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    Underfloor Heating

    All Pro-Tek™ engineered vinyl flooring is suitable for use with water-based underfloor heating systems and the Editions collections can also be used with electric based underfloor heating.

    You should always refer to the manufacturer of the underfloor heating system for any specific information, but we have pulled together some guidance to ensure your Pro-Tek™ warranty remains valid.

    • The floor temperature must never exceed 26 degrees Centigrade or 79 degrees Fahrenheit
    • The temperature should be turned up or down gradually
    • Always fit a transition strip or a T-profile door bar in all doorways or room dividing points
    • For rooms over eight metres in length or six meters in width, transition strips or T-profile door bars must be used to separate the space
    • Any areas that have partial underfloor heating fitted will be excluded from your warranty, as a movement in the warmer underfloor heated area will be greater than the unheated area
    • Never put rugs or covers over your vinyl floor as the rug will act as a blanket and could cause the flooring to overheat and become unstable
    • Please note that we do not guarantee Pro-Tek™ Excel engineered vinyl flooring on electric underfloor heating
    • Please refer to your underfloor heating supplier for further information

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