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2024 Interior Design Trends

Baubles and tinsel have been put away for another year and with the festivities and New Year celebrations well and truly over, you might be considering making some changes to your home. Whether it’s subtle additions to one room, replacing a key element such as flooring, or a full on interior design change.


Here’s our top 10 insights to the key 2024 interior design trends:


1. Colour

Greys and neutral tones were trends in 2023 and 2024 won’t be too different with neutral and natural colours coming up top.  But this year greys are out and soft, warm earthy beiges and off whites are back in along with statement leafy greens and soft pink hues.


2. Statement pieces

You can go all out with having a lot of statement pieces in your home, none of which will be out of place in 2024.  Prefer the minimal look?  You can still enjoy a statement piece of furniture whether it be a coffee table or hallway dresser.


3. Vintage and Antique

Sticking with the statement piece, vintage and antique furniture is once again a growing trend.  There is much beauty to be found in an antique furniture shop where hidden and unique gems are tucked away.  Antique and vintage furniture shops are a great place to get some inspiration for your interior design.


4. Retro 1970’s is back!

Shag rugs, faux fur cushions and dark wood are key to bringing back the retro ‘70’s inspired interior design trend.  Think free spirit and peaceful vibes to bring a ‘70’s vibe.


5. Comfort

This year there is no compromise to comfort over fashion!  Plump and cosy sofas that blend in with the neutral colour of the room are a must for 2024, covered in cushions of your favourite statement colour.


6. Space saving

Utilising space is a 2024 interior design must.  From L-shaped sofas that provide comfortable seating for everyone to under window seating to watch the world go by. Look for those with bonus storage space incorporated.  


7. Flooring

Whether you’re in the market to completely change your space or want to create a subtle nod to the new year trends, updating the flooring can quickly change the look and feel to any room.

A perfect partner to the 1970 revival of shaggy rugs, hardwood flooring is a classic and ideal option however can be expensive.

A great and cost effective alternative is luxury click vinyl, or LVT, which comes in an array of natural wood designs and with the most up to date neutral tones and easy installation, you can update any space in no time at all. Try a white herringbone for the most on trend style combination.


8. Bathroom sanctuary

2023 took us on a journey of self care and taking time for ourselves. 2024 will carry this trend on throughout the year with spa inspired bathrooms.  Create your own sanctuary with mood lighting, scented candles, luscious plants and fluffy robes along with stone effect flooring and tiles. LVT tiles are warm underfoot, waterproof and come in a wide choice of styles.


9.  Wall panelling

Not only providing an affordable luxury look to any space, wall panelling will warm up the room.  A modern take on the 1970’s revival!


10. Home office

With more and more companies allowing working from home, 2024 will see more home office spaces becoming smaller and ‘a part of the furniture’.  Being able to shut up shop at the end of the day is essential for keeping your home as just that, your home.  Working from home spaces will become a cupboard or a bureau when folded away.  Clever pieces converting from home office space to a piece of beautiful furniture, brilliant for those short on space.


Whether you are doing a design update or a full renovation, hopefully these tips for the key 2024 interior design trends will give you some inspiration! Let us know what you think the main styles will be this year.

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