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LVT floor dining room

How to Protect Your Click Vinyl Flooring Over the Festivities

With Christmas just around the corner, preparation is underway to ensure everyone is catered for at the dinner table.  All over the country, emergency chairs and tables are being brought out from garages, sheds and lofts to accommodate visitors on the big day.

It’s likely you already protect your flooring from your everyday furniture. But it’s worth remembering to apply the same principles for any additional and occasional furniture.

Here’s our list of tips and smart ways to help protect your LVT floor this Christmas.


Furniture pads

Furniture pads are easily accessible and come in packs of all different sizes.  Typically made of felt, these soft pads have an adhesive that sticks to the bottom of furniture legs. 

Furniture pads instantly help to prevent damage to click vinyl flooring from scuffs and scratches as chairs are moved backwards and forwards as seats are taken or moved for games.


Furniture cups

These cups come in a range of designs and material such as silicone, brass, chrome plated and wood-effect amongst others.  Suitable for all furniture, particularly heavy furniture where they distribute the weight more evenly and reduce the risk of marks and indentations.


Rugs and mats

Rugs and mats are a great way to protect your click vinyl flooring in high traffic areas. They can provide extra protection under furniture avoiding scratches from chairs being pulled out from under tables.

It’s advisable to use rugs and mats with a non-slip backing to avoid them slipping under foot.


Regular cleaning

Keeping your LVT floor free from dirt and debris all year round by regularly vacuuming or using a broom will prevent scratches on the surface of the floor.

Likewise, regularly cleaning the feet of furniture or any wheels will not only help to keep your floor clean but also scratch and scrape free.

Keeping your LVT flooring clean


Clear spills and mess immediately

With the typical excess eating, drinking and people that Christmas often brings, it’s advisable to clear up messes as soon as possible to prevent stickiness and staining to the floor.


Moving your furniture

Whether pulling a chair out from under the table or moving your furniture around to accommodate friends and family for Christmas dinner or drinks parties, always lift rather than drag!

For larger and heavier pieces of furniture, ask someone to help you so you can distribute the weight between you. Dragging furniture may cause permanent scratches and blemishes to the flooring.


Avoid objects with sharp edges

It goes without saying that pointy corners and sharp edges will cause damage to any flooring if dragged along.  To avoid damaging your click vinyl flooring, consider placing furniture with sharp edges on mats or rugs. Use furniture pads or cups and ensure you don’t drag but lift and place the furniture in place.


Always read the manufacturers guidelines!

Every reputable manufacturer will have instructions and guidance on how to care and maintain your click vinyl flooring.  They may even recommend products to use for cleaning and maintaining. Check out our own guide on our website.



Remember,  your flooring is there for the whole year not just for Christmas!

Hopefully these top tips on how to protect your LVT floor this Christmas will help ease any seasonal stresses so you can enjoy the festivities!

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