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What is SPC Flooring?

One question we get asked is what is SPC flooring? It is one type of  luxury vinyl flooring available and stands for ‘Stone Plastic Composite’, which is the material used in the products construction.

Known for its unique composition, it is a rigid core vinyl flooring that combines both limestone and stabilisers to create a stable, durable and 100% waterproof core. This makes it an excellent and popular flooring choice for both residential and commercial spaces.

SPC is heavier than the other main type of luxury vinyl flooring, WPC, or wood plastic composite, where the core is made from a wood fibre and thermoplastics such as PVC, and is also generally lower priced, offering all the benefits of rigid core vinyl for the more budget conscious.

As with WPC, there are multiple construction layers to SPC flooring which vary between manufacturers so it is always worth looking at this level of detail when choosing the right product for your project.


Pro-Tek™ offers two collections of SPC luxury vinyl flooring – Editions and Value. Both have multiple construction layers;



Starting with a bottom layer of IXPE underlay, a thin but highly compressed underlay is integrated into the planks. This means you don’t need  a separate underlay before installing your SPC flooring.  This premium layer not only adds to the comfort of your floor but also provides excellent sound absorption.



The SPC rigid core provides stability and durability to the flooring and is 100% waterproof. 


Decor Layer

Whether you are looking for a classic wood design or a stone-effect tile, Pro-Tek™ SPC flooring has authentic decor designs in multiple colours and is resistant to fading so your floor will look luxurious for longer.


Wear Layer

A commercial grade wear layer provides protection from staining and excessive wear making the flooring especially durable.


UV layer

Finally, our SPC luxury click vinyl is topped with a hygienic anti scratch, wear resistant layer to create even further protection from everyday wear and staining.


So that’s what it’s constructed of but what are the benefits of Pro-Tek™’s SPC click vinyl flooring?


Stability and durability

With its rigid core layer, our SPC flooring can be installed over any subfloor and can provide extra stability for installations over imperfect floors.  This along with the UV top layer and wear layer makes for a durable product to have throughout any space.


100% waterproof

For areas where moisture, splashes and spillages are prone, a waterproof protection is essential. This makes SPC flooring a perfect match for areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.



Easy and quick installation

Our click-lock system means that no messy adhesives are required and no drying time needs to be allocated.

There is little to no preparation required prior to installation. The subfloor does need to be clean and clear of any debris, stable, flat and dry.

We always recommend checking the manufacturer’s installation guides. At Pro-Tek™ our installation guide is easily accessible.


Colour and design 

We offer an extensive range of SPC flooring designs which suit most tastes and budgets.  From the classic wood effect, popular herringbone and stone-effect tiles all of which can be found on our website and you can even request free samples of your favourite designs before you decide.


Low maintenance

So long as you follow our recommendations to keep your Pro-Tek™ flooring clean and well maintained, your flooring will be easy to upkeep.  

Regularly sweeping or vacuuming the floor and clearing up spillages quickly will help to keep your flooring looking fresh.


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