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  • PRO-TEK™ click vinyl flooring is quick to install!

    June 19th, 2023

    PRO-TEK™ click vinyl flooring is a really easy flooring to install, with only minimal preparation needed, a simple click lock system and a built-in underlay.

    It only takes a few steps to transform your space with this luxury floor, enabling you to complete a makeover to any room with little effort.

    ”I have installed this throughout my house. Fantastic product and would highly recommend. Doesn’t scratch, easy to clean (I use a steam mop) and water resistant…One very happy customer.” D.M


    Both the PRO-TEK™Excel and Editions ranges of vinyl click waterproof flooring can often be installed over an existing floor, reducing the amount of preparation that is needed.

    Wood, tiled, laminate, linoleum or concrete sub floors can all have PRO-TEK™ installed on top of them – as long as they are flat and in good condition. Check our detailed guidelines for specific advice on what preparation to consider, but the general principles are:


    • The sub-floor must be clean, flat and dry.
    • Any debris and grit should be swept away or vacuumed up.
    • If there are any high/ low areas they should be sanded down or filled.
    • Loose areas need to be nailed or screwed into place.
    • On a concrete subfloor, any low areas should be filled with a self-levelling compound.


    Once the preparation is complete, you can start to install the flooring.

    Whether the flooring is wood design planks, Herringbone, stone effect and even the longer & wider wood design planks, PRO-TEK™ flooring is installed straight from the pack using the click lock system. 

    It is recommended that the packs are left opened in the room where they will be used for 48 hours to acclimatise to the environment, as with most flooring.

    There are 5 steps to installing the flooring:


    1. Engage the plank along the long side using the Angle System.
    2. Slide the plank up until it reaches the end of the previous laid plank.
    3. Let the plank drop slightly.
    4. Press with your thumb on both sides of the short end of the plank.
    5. Continue with the pressure until you hear the ‘’click’’ sound of the one piece drop-lock system.  Gently tap with a soft faced-hammer on both sides of the short end if needed.
    6. Your planks are now fully locked!


    The click lock systems for the Excel and Editions ranges are slightly different, so remember to look at the videos and diagrams for the right product.

    How to engage click lock planks using a hammer

    Excel Click Lock System
    Editions Click Lock System


    Now all of your planks are in place, your flooring is ready to use immediately, although we recommend  cleaning it first to ensure there is no surface dirt or grit present.


    You may also want to finish off your installation by adding door bars or other accessories to cover gaps between the flooring and walls or doorways.


    Have you installed PRO-TEK™ flooring? We’d love to hear your feedback on how easy you found it to install. Let us know at marketing@protekflooring.co.uk or leave us a google review.

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