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click vinyl flooring in a bathroom

Can Pro-Tek™ Click Vinyl Flooring be Used in Bathrooms?

When completing your bathroom design, your choice of flooring needs to be carefully considered. Not only to fit with your style needs, but also to be practical, durable and able to stand up to the pressures of a space that is frequently wet.  But can Pro-Tek™ click vinyl flooring be used in bathrooms?

Even if  you leave windows wide open or have efficient extractor fans fitted, there will always be moisture lurking in a bathroom. It is likely there will be frequent bigger water spills and splashes as well. So what flooring will withstand the demands of a room prone to getting wet? 

Carpet used to be a popular choice for the luxurious appearance and warm feel. But, even with rubber backing, it isn’t ideal and can stay damp for hours.

Tiles are a practical and stylish solution, but can be very cold underfoot. They also easily damaged if items are dropped and aren’t recommended for use upstairs as the movement in the floor can cause cracks.

Solid wood floors are also common, especially in older houses, and can look great. But they aren’t waterproof and issues with dampness and staining can occur.


So what is the best bathroom flooring?


With modern advances in technology, you do not need to choose between style and practicality for bathroom flooring. LVT flooring offers a great aternative to traditional flooring materials. Pro-Tek™ luxury click vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof and available in a wide range of different styles, colours and finishings. Giving you the best of both worlds and a perfect floor for your bathroom.


Can Pro-Tek™ Click Vinyl Flooring be Used in Bathrooms?

Yes! And here are a few of the reasons why it is the perfect choice.


Click vinyl flooring is generally a durable and sturdy product. All PRO-TEK™ flooring is comstructed from multiple layers of quality materials, developed by engineered flooring specialists. Fundamental to all Pro-Tek™ products is a hard-wearing, commercial grade luxury vinyl layer with an impact resistant surface. This provides resilience against knocks and items being dropped. Plus there is a 100% waterproof core, making it the ideal choice where  footfall is high and water spills can be frequent.


With a high quality IXPE built-in underlay and thickness of the plank, Pro-Tek™ click vinyl flooring is warm and comfortable underfoot. This is enhanced by the surface texture, giving the feel and appearance of natural materials. 


Click vinyl flooring is easy to keep clean and, as long as you stick to the manufacturers recommendations, your flooring will continue to look as good as it does at installation. Pro-Tek™ also has extended warranties, giving you the confidence that your flooring will last for many years, even in a high pressured environment such as a bathroom.


Pro-Tek™ offers three distinct flooring ranges to suit all budgets. All with multiple layer construction from high quality materials and a waterproof core. Our newest Value range comes in wood design planks in four of our most popular brown and grey colours, both planks and herringbone, is our lowest priced product ever. 



It is important to use a waterproof flooring product in your bathroom. This will help to prevent moisture-related issues overtime and keep your flooring from staining or warping. It will also ensure yor bathroom is both stylish and practical for many years. Pro-Tek™ click vinyl flooring can be used in bathrooms and is a perfect choice.

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