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Installing Click Vinyl With Underfloor Heating

Now it’s starting to get colder outside, is there anything nicer than being warm and cosy in your home? At Pro-TekTM we don’t think so! Which is why we’ve made sure that when installing click vinyl with underfloor heating they are compatible for that perfect combination of stylish appearance and cosy feeling.

Underfloor heating (UFH) is an increasingly popular way to heat your home for a constant, even temperature.  Unlike traditional methods of radiators and forced air heating vents, underfloor heating works by heating the entire floor. The rising heat is therefore evenly distributed throughout the whole room. This also leaves walls clear enabling you to have freedom in styling the room, with no radiators to leave uncovered.

Whether you use an electric or water-based (hydronic) system, we recommend you follow specific instructions from the manufacturer. Better still, have a professional install the underfloor heating system prior to laying your click vinyl flooring. Always check it is compatible with WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) or SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) engineered flooring.



Choosing the right flooring for your underfloor heating.

All our extensive range of click vinyl collections can be fitted over electric UFH systems. Plus our Editions and Value collections can also be laid over hydronic UFH systems. So whichever type of heating you use, we have a choice of flooring suitable for you.



We recommend you acclimatise your flooring for at least 48 hours prior to fitting it. Lay it flat in the original packaging in the room where it will be used until you are ready to install it and make sure the underfloor heating is turned off during this process.

Ensure your flat and smooth subfloor is clean, dry and free from any debris and grit.  Always vacuum or sweep the area just before you start to lay the flooring.



Installing click vinyl with underfloor heating is the same as fiting it to any space. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific flooring product you are using and plan your layout.

Consider the focal points of the room and the dimensions and any obstructions.

It is typical to start an installation in the centre of the room or along the longest wall and a good tip is to stagger the end joins to ensure a professional appearance.


installling flooring

Our click vinyl flooring is easy to install and require no adhesive. Just align the planks or tiles and click together using the simple locking system. There is no need to install underlay first as this is built into the flooring for additional ease.

Continue fitting the planks until you reach the opposite side of the room, carefully cutting and shaping them as needed with a utility knife to fit around fixtures in the room. 

Finishing Touches

Once your flooring is complete, door bars and stair nosing can be installed to create a seamless flow between rooms or fill in gaps around the edges.  With Pro-TekTM there is a full range of matching accessories to finish off your flooring perfectly in all available colours and collections.  

Give the floor a sweep or vacuum to pick up any dust or debris created during installation. Your flooring will be ready to walk on immediately.


Switch on the underfloor heating

Finally, you can switch on the underfloor heating.  It is essential that the underfloor heat is increased slowly by 1 degree per day in order for the flooring to acclimatise to the temperature change gradually.  Do not exceed a temperature of 25 degrees.


At Pro-TekTM we always recommend that any manufacturer instructions and guidelines are followed to ensure a safe and correct installation of both the flooring and the underfloor heating.  

For full flooring installation guidelines for our products download our guide.


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