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7 Reasons Why a Herringbone Floor Is Perfect for Kitchens

Let’s face it, herringbones floors look stunning whatever room they are in. But with modern trends creating large, open plan kitchens and living spaces, herringbone is a particularly great choice.  Here we highlight 7 reasons why a herringbone floor is perfect for kitchens.


Why Vinyl Herringbone Floor Is So Popular

Parquet wood floors have been popular for centuries. They create a timeless, luxurious style once only seen in homes of the wealthy. Mainly because solid wood parquet flooring is expensive. Plus, wooden floors are not always that practical, especially in areas like kitchens where spills and mess are frequent. They are not resistant to staining and scratching and so have traditionally been best avoided.

However, with the development of luxury click vinyl herringbone flooring there is now a choice that combines style with practical advantages. A good LVT herringbone flooring brand will provide the appearance and texture of a solid wood parquet floor, but at a lower cost and with lots of practical benefits. 



7 Reasons Why a Herringbone Floor Is Perfect for Kitchens


1. The herringbone pattern suits any size and style of kitchen

Beacuse of the shape of the pattern, herringbone flooring can make a space appear bigger.

There are also different colours available. Try a lighter shade for smaller kitchens to brighten and lighten the space. Darker tones of flooring suit larger kitchens or open-plan areas.

As a timeless style as well, the herringbone pattern will complement your kitchen units. It works just as well in a cottage look kitchen or in a stainless steel modern kitchen. 


2. Herringbone vinyl flooring is scratch resistant

Kitchens are the heart of the home, and are normally busy spaces with heavy footfall. Plus the floors are prone to having cooking utensils dropped on them. Pro-Tek™ vinyl flooring planks give the appearance of a traditional wooden floor but are extremely scratch resistant, with a commercial grade wear layer.


3. Pro-Tek™ herringbone planks are 100% waterproof

Let’s face it, kitchens can be messy spaces, with regular spills from food and liquids. Waterproof vinyl flooring is easy to clean with a mop or cloth to bring it back to as new.

This means you never have to worry about spilling water or knocking over pans or cups. If spillages occur, the water remains on the top of the floor and can simply be mopped or wiped up without damage to the underlying layers.


4. Herringbone vinyl is perfect for high-humidity areas

The kitchen is typically one of the spaces in a property that is known for high humidity. Thanks to boiling pots and pans, plus the kettle, extra moisture in the air can cause issues  with flooring.

High humidity can cause havoc with hardwood flooring and vinyl flooring that is not waterproof. Pro-Tek™ LVT herringbone, is waterproof and can withstand high humidity without any issues


5. Herringbone patterns create a style statement

The herringbone planks tend to have more variety of tones, emphasised by the pattern creating different areas of shading. This gives a real design statement, ensuring your floor becomes a part of the overall look of your kitchen. Especially as a parquet flooring hasn’t been a usual choice in the past for a room that can create so much stress on a floor. 


6. Herringbone creates a feeling of warmth

Kitchens can often look stark and cold. Herringbone flooring helps to create a warm style through the natural pattern and shades of the design layer. This can be further enhanced when choosing one of the medium or darker shades of Pro-Tek™ vinyl flooring.

The flooring is also warm underfoot, which is a major benefit over tiled or stone floors.


7. Herringbone styling can be used in other areas 

As the herringbone pattern is a very popular styling choice, you will be able to complement the flooring with other elements of the kitchen. The classic pattern is often found in backsplashes, countertops, tiles and more.


Check Out Our Herringbone LVT Flooring Choices for Your Kitchen

Here at Pro-Tek™, we stock a vast range of herringbone patterns in planks. Our planks are a great way to enjoy the look of a genuine parquet floor without the associated huge costs that come with real wood flooring.

Thanks to its durability, our herringbone LVT flooring is one of the most popular flooring choices for kitchens. We stock a wide choice of modern grey tones along with the traditional medium and dark oak colours traditionally associated with the herringbone style.

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