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  • Style Inspiration: Why Choose Grey Vinyl Bathroom Flooring?

    December 16th, 2022

    Grey has become an incredibly popular colour for interior design in recent years, and with good reason. Grey vinyl flooring works well in every bathroom because it matches most decor styles and it adds a touch of simple elegance. On top of looking great, vinyl flooring is easy to install and maintain and has many features, making it an attractive flooring solution for bathroom floors. 

    Why is grey such a popular colour for interior design?

    Grey is a neutral colour – you can find neutral tones that don’t have any undertone, or greys with warm or cool undertones, making it a versatile colour that will go with everything. “Cool greys” have more blue in them and will match with blue or green hues, while “warm greys” have more red and yellow in them and will work better with sandy tones or golds.

    For a luxurious hotel bathroom design, pair grey vinyl flooring with monochromatic furnishings and gold touches.

    Grey is also considered a calming colour, making it perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms because they can be rooms where you need to relax and unwind after a long day at work. The cool tones mean that they are easy on the eyes too, so if you suffer from headaches, you may find grey tones helpful. 

    If you’re looking for a stylish and easy-to-clean bathroom flooring solution, grey vinyl is an excellent choice. It’s durable, stain-resistant and waterproof as well as slip-resistant, which means you don’t have to worry when you step out of the shower.

    Grey vinyl also hides small amounts of dust or debris between cleanings, making your overall maintenance easier than ever before. The best part? You can use this type of flooring anywhere, not just in the bathroom!

    How to style grey bathroom flooring

    Grey vinyl bathroom flooring is a practical choice for bathrooms thanks to its minimal maintenance and versatile style. Grey vinyl flooring also comes in a variety of finishes, so you’ll be able to find the right look that complements your bathroom decor.

    Grey vinyl flooring is easy to style – it compliments almost any style of decor, which makes it a great option for rental properties or for anyone who likes to change their home decor regularly. Pair grey vinyl flooring with gold accents and monochromatic features for a luxurious feel that belongs in a magazine or high-end hotel. If you prefer a simpler design, keep your bathroom to grey and white tones to create a clean and calming space.

    Grey flooring doesn’t have to be minimalist either. Grey is a brilliant colour to compliment brighter tones and bring a grounded feel to an otherwise colourful space. Add touches of pink or mustard yellow for a modern, colourful feel. Grey LVT flooring also looks great in a period property with more traditional features. In this case, a grey herringbone floor could perfectly strike the balance of modern luxury and traditional opulence. Herringbone also has the added effect of making a space feel much larger, thanks to the expanding shape of the pattern.

    Grey vinyl flooring comes in a variety of textures, so you can still have creative freedom within one colour scheme. Pro-Tek™ stocks grey wood effect flooring with a texture that looks like the real thing. You can also find slate, stone effect tile, or even grey marble LVT flooring. There are loads of options to choose from, which means you can easily find something to match your mental image.

    Pro-Tek™ waterproof vinyl flooring is made for bathrooms

    Pro-Tek™ Waterproof Vinyl Flooring is the ideal choice for your bathroom. Made from high-quality vinyl, Pro-Tek™ is durable, easy to clean and waterproof. All Pro-Tek™ flooring is tested for slip resistance so you can feel safe in your own home.

    Our flooring is waterproof, making it an ideal choice for bathroom floors. Unlike real wood that will warp and buckle over time, water simply sits on top of LVT without soaking in. This waterproof coating also helps the LVT flooring to be stain-resistant.

    Unlike other flooring types that require maintenance, such as sanding or stripping back old layers of grout, Pro-Tek™ can be cleaned with a simple mop and bucket of water – no need for harsh chemicals or cleaners. Simply hoover your floor regularly to avoid any sharp pieces of debris scratching the surface, then use a surfactant-free detergent and warm water to clean the floor.

    Grey has become a hugely popular colour for interior design in recent years, almost entirely thanks to its ability to match almost any design style. Grey is traditionally seen as a modern colour, but it’s been used in period houses for decades. It can be used as a neutral and versatile base colour or mixed with other colours to create a unique look.

    Pro-Tek™has a huge variety of grey flooring options, including marble, stone, slate, or even wood. Grey is a great colour to pair with any kind of design, and the texture and style options are seemingly endless.


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