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RIBA CPD network

RIBA CPD Approved Supplier

Pro-TekTM click vinyl flooring is proud to be a RIBA CPD approved supplier. But what is RIBA and what exactly does this mean? Read on to find out more.


What is RIBA?

RIBA stands for the Royal Institute of British Architects and is the leading professional body for architects in the UK.

Founded in 1834, RIBA was created to formulate rules for fees, practice and conduct for architects. This guaranteed a level of professionalism and also provided a set of standards agreed by all members.

In recent years they have become a global organisation. Theyhave charitable status and rely on their 52,000 members and sponsors without any governmental financial support.


What does RIBA do?

RIBA lobbies the UK government to champion the role of, and represent the needs of, architects and designers across a wide range of topics relevant to the built environment. For example, on improving building regulations and setting quality standards. 

They also develop proposals and policies and conduct research, including marketplace analysis. 

One of the other areas they promote is CPD, or continued professional development. Architects must complete a minimum amount of CPD per year as part of their membership, which ensures practises and knowledge continue to be of a high standard as technologies and products evolve.


What is the RIBA approved suppliers network?

All suppliers or manufacturers providing CPD to their members are first vetted by RIBA. This is essential to provide the reassurance that the information delivered is accurate and useful. Especially as they are effectively endorsing that content.

The RIBA CPD providers network only consists of companies who have been through the rigorous assessment process and who continue to keep their materials up to date. Approval must also be renewed every two years and this ensures their standards are upheld.


The benefits of using a RIBA Providers Network supplier

Quality assurance

RIBA CPD providers must adhere to all standards set by the organisation and therefore products and information will be of a high quality.


This endorsement can also give specifiers additional confidence that the suppliers are experts in their field of construction and in their understanding of the relevant standards.

Up to date information

CPDs provide architects with the latest information on products, regulations and environmental credentials. Accessing supplier’s knowledge in this way can provide a higher level of confidence when they are developing plans.

Awareness of quality product solutions

RIBA CPD providers deliver information on all kinds of areas and it is a great way to find out what the latest product innovations are.  Checking the directory regularly is one method to keep up to date with industry trends, especially as technologies continue to develop.



Pro-Tek™ is a RIBA Approved CPD Provider

We made it a priority to develop a CPD session that was RIBA approved when Pro-Tek™ click vinyl flooring was first launched into the UK in 2017. This demonstrates our commitment to both ongoing development and also provision of quality product and information. You can view our directory listing on the RIBA website.



Contact us to find out more about our RIBA approved CPD or Pro-Tek™ LVT flooring.

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