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  • Getting started: Flooring Advice And Inspiration

    March 15th, 2023

    If you’ve been considering luxury vinyl floors for a while now, but aren’t sure yet – we completely understand. Most people are accustomed to traditional flooring options and shy away from new-age solutions. But we are here to assure you that when it comes to luxury vinyl, you couldn’t make a better choice for your home or office.

    Vinyl flooring has come an incredibly long way since its inception and the constant technological innovations ensure that they look good and work great for a lifetime. Pro-Tek™ offers floors backed by years of rigorous R&D and stringent stress tests, so that they stand up to everyday challenges.

    If however, you are confused as to which style, type or pattern is best for your space, read on.

    Points to consider

    These fall into two main categories – the practical consideration and the aesthetic one. Practical considerations are typically about how you want your floor to work. While the aesthetic consideration has more to do with your personal taste and style. Below are a few pointers to inspire you and get you started on your exciting flooring journey.

    Take note of the area

    As a starting point, take a look at the area where you plan to install a vinyl floor. For instance, when it comes to choosing flooring for a home kitchen or a busy restaurant, there are four main things to consider: water-resistance, safety, durability, and ease of maintenance. Kitchens are characterized by spills and messes and deserve vinyl floors that can withstand all of it. Darker shades of flooring, in this case will be more forgiving to everyday stains and marks.

    A bedroom, on the other hand, begs for a floor that feels soft and warm underfoot. It would be wise to check for floors that are compatible with underfloor heating systems too.

    In case you wish to make the area appear larger, it is always better to go for lighter vinyl floors to lend the illusion of space. In order to have a cohesive room that feels harmonious throughout, ensure that your furniture, wall colour and ornamental accents complement your floor. For more on matching your floor and wall colour, click here. 

    Think through these questions 

    Commercial or residential? In commercial settings, it’s best to choose vinyl floors with a thicker wear layer to withstand heavy foot traffic and everyday impact.

    Is it a more formal or casual space? A formal space would look great with Pro-Tek™ Longplanks, while an informal space would work beautifully with playful checkerboard tiles.

    Traditional or modern? A distressed, vintage wood look would complement a traditional décor, while a monochrome black floor would suit a space with metallic fittings and a sleek finish.

    Play with zoning

    With the sheer amount of colours and patterns available, you can go all out with your flooring ideas. Zoning is one such popular trend that is taking bold strides in the flooring world. Remember how you were told to keep flooring uniform all over? Well, zoning is all about breaking that rigid rule.

    Instead, it helps create different ‘zones’ in the same space with the clever use of flooring. For instance, you could have traditional dark vinyl oak planks in your living space, but separate your dining nook by using crisp white tiles. This kind of contrasting zones in the same space has a sharp and dramatic appeal that feels fresh and edgy. If you want to soften the contrast, you can always tie it all together with simple accessories – like a pot of Monstera, lamps or rugs in both zones.

    Zoning is especially making an impact in modern offices, which lean towards more open plan and inclusive spaces. In this case, you can create visually separate spaces for meeting rooms using contrasting flooring colours or designs. Warm, neutral tones can be used in work areas to enhance comfort and the feeling of calm, while bright, modern flooring can be used in recreational areas.

    Experiment with colour and pattern

    We can’t stress this fact enough – when it comes to choice, luxury vinyl is a clear winner.

    One of the greatest benefits of luxury vinyl is its versatility and flexibility, allowing designs to be mixed together creatively. Which means you can experiment by juxtaposing warm and cool coloured planks and creating interesting patterns. A space that feels too ordinary can be given an instant upgrade by adding a Herringbone floor in contrasting dark and light shades. In this case, remember to keep your furniture and other accessories muted, so that the room does not appear too overpowering.

    The checkerboard pattern is also making a huge comeback and you could look at adding visual interest in areas like the kitchen with this style. 

    Explore Japandi

    One of the key trends to watch out for in 2023 is the Japandi style – which emphasizes the perfectly imperfect ideal. Combining elements of the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi and the Scandinavian hygge, it’s about making a space feel more natural and light by using flooring that looks like nature intended it to. Pro-Tek™ distressed wood range with its life-like knots and grains or the sinews and streaks of the travertine tiles is a great starting point if you wish to explore this style.

    Floors that make a great impression.

    Luxury vinyl floors are designed to meet the demands of hectic modern-day lives. It’s a great and affordable way to add colour, personality and character to your space with minimal fuss. From urban lofts to country cottages, Victorian mansions to modern high-rises – whatever the setting, luxury vinyl fits right in.

    Still not sure if luxury vinyl is right for you? Talk to us and our experts will guide you to help find your dream floor.

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