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Caring for Your Luxury Vinyl Tiles

In so many ways, luxury vinyl has truly transformed the flooring industry. With traditional flooring choices like hardwood and carpet, there is typically a large amount of time, effort and money spent on cleaning and maintenance alone. Luxury Vinyl Planks and Luxury Vinyl Tiles have changed all of that. Caring for your luxury vinyl tiles is simple. Making it a flooring choice that is both aesthetic and also a very practical addition to any home or commercial space.

Here, we explore how you can maintain your Luxury Vinyl Tiles, so that they look good as new and perform optimally for years to come.


What is Luxury Vinyl Tile?

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), as the name suggests, is flooring designed in a tile shape. The tiles perfectly mimic stonemarbleslatetravertine or hardwood and are an ever-popular choice amongst interior decorators and architects. Pro-Tek™’s realistic and high-quality tiles are extremely affordable and super easy to care for, when compared to real hardwood or stone. 

The Pro-Tek™ Editions Venetian Marble, for example, is a perfect replica with its detailed veining and texture – but without the price tag or heavy maintenance of real marble.


Aftercare for your LVT Flooring

If you’ve invested in LVT flooring, you’ve made a great choice. One that’s moisture-proof, scratch-proof and worry-proof. We’ve put together some expert cleaning and maintenance tips to ensure your floor serves you well for life.


Cleaning Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Spills and mess are an everyday affair in households and offices alike. You simply cannot avoid them. Thankfully, LVT floors are incredibly simple to clean and you mostly don’t need anything other than your regular broom and microfibre mop.

  • To remove dust and debris, vacuum or sweep with a soft brush regularly. Especially when it comes to light or very dark shades of flooring, dust and pet hair show up much more prominently than with a mid-tone floor colour. So you might have to sweep more often in that case.
  • A weekly mop is good enough to get rid of stains that might have gone unnoticed. However, remember not to soak your floor with too much water. Instead, wring out the mop or cloth well to dry swab the floor.


Removing Stubborn Stains 

  • When it comes to stains, the sooner you wipe it off, the better. For stains that happen right away, you can simply use a damp cloth with hot water and a mild detergent to lift it off the floor.
  • More stubborn stains like grease can also be removed easily using cloth and cleaning fluids that are compatible with LVT flooring.
  • Never use abrasive, highly acidic or highly alkaline cleaning fluids. This includes vinegar, bleach, chlorine or ammonia-based cleaners, acetone, lacquer thinners or those with harsh chemicals. Avoid anything that could potentially damage the top protective layer and use only neutral pH cleaners meant for day-to-day cleaning.
  • Always use gentle circular movements to rub at a stain or else you risk damage to the surface of the tiles with rigorous strokes.  
  • Allow the area to dry thoroughly before letting children or pets back into the room.

Top Tip: Refrain from using aggressive cleaning agents, brooms with rough bristles, steam mops or water-soaked mops on your LVT floors.


Maintaining your Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Generally speaking, click vinyl is hands down the easiest floor to look after. Just a simple sweep and clean on a weekly basis is all the TLC it needs. Nevertheless, if you keep the below pointers in mind, it will only help to enhance the performance and longevity of your floor.

  • We highly recommend sweeping or vacuuming the area immediately after installation to get rid of potentially damaging dirt or debris.
  • Always use transition profiles to close expansion gaps between two floors and avoid tripping. We have a wide selection of profiles that fit seamlessly with our LVT floors.
  • When the sun is at its peak, you could do your floor a favour by closing the blinds or curtains. Over time, exposure to extreme sunlight may result in slight discolouration or fading of your tiles.
  • Never use wax on your LVT floors. It will only result in a dangerously slippery floor and will dull the appearance of the tiles over time.
  • Although LVT floors are scratch-resistant, it would be a good idea to minimize even the small percentage of scuffs that might occur. When moving furniture, remember to lift and not slide or drag. It’s always better to use felt pads on the legs of furniture, which should also be replaced periodically since they tend to wear out and accumulate dust.
  • Footwear with hard soles like heavy trekking boots or pointy, sharp edges like stilettos should ideally be taken off before walking on to your LVT floor. These could puncture or cause dents, harming your floor’s smooth surface and finish.
  • In case you have pets at home, remember to trim their nails often. Scratch marks from pets can cause lasting damage to your floor. If your pet isn’t fully toilet trained, ensure potty accidents are cleaned immediately.


Repairing your Luxury Vinyl Tiles

If your LVT floor does get damaged, you will be happy to know that it is simple to repair or replace as well. Any minor scratches or dents can be fixed without removing the tile. If you do need to replace a tile, you don’t have to rip out the entire floor. Our Luxury Vinyl Tiles are simply clicked into place with our patented Uniclic Click Lock System, which means you only replace the damaged tile and carry on with life as usual.

If you wish to do some DIY on the repair work, this again is a surprisingly easy process. All you need is Epoxy Resin and acrylic paint that matches the tile colour. Mix the two together and fill in the hole or scratch. Simply leave it to dry and watch your floor bounce back to its former glory.


Pro-Tek™ has eight gorgeous LVT designs that can revitalize your space instantly. For more on the aftercare, get in touch with us.



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