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5 Luxury Vinyl Colour Trends To Transform Your Space

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Gone are the days when one had to choose between limited floor colours. Thanks to the extreme versatility of Luxury Vinyl, you have access to a wide range and variety of colours and styles. From classic wood to contemporary tiles. From sun-kissed hues to rich, dusky notes. Here are our 5 Luxury Vinyl Colour Trends To Transform Your Space


1. Dramatic Darks

Think deep chocolate browns, dark greys and their variations. When it comes to flooring today, bold experimentation is all the rage. Design and décor magazines regularly feature deep shades of flooring in every possible interior and the dramatic impact of dark floors is undeniable.

Dark vinyl floors have the ability to make a room feel cosier or lavishly opulent, depending on the kind of wall colour, furnishings and accessories you pair it with. For instance, decadent furnishings in royal blues or purples, Cabriole or Chesterfield sofas, and accessories with gold accents set against the Pro-Tek™ Editions Classic Kingfisher Slate can make a room feel plush and rich.

With a light powder blue wall and comfy English Roll Arm sofas, a dark floor like the Pro-Tek™ Editions Herringbone Sandringham Rock can feel cosy.

But keep in mind that dark floors make a room appear smaller and it works better for spaces with lofty ceilings and a wide expanse. However, for those of you with smaller rooms who prefer a more intimate feel, this detail shouldn’t deter you from dark floors.



2. Calm and Soothing Neutrals

You can never go wrong with a neutral shade of luxury vinyl flooring. Beige, off-whites, honey blondes, light tans and soft greys typically fall under this category. These colours can adapt to any setting and style and make a space feel light and airy. They work especially well in enhancing the natural light streaming into the room.

Pro-Tek™’s Excel Classic Kensington Wood with its delicate brown grain and vintage vibe is perfect to create a relaxed, laid-back ambience. The Editions Classic Primrose Satin offers warm beige and brown undertones with darker knots and grains. A great choice for those who wish for a rustic, yet elegant look.

Neutrals don’t necessarily equate to being boring or safe, since they have the ability to morph and fit into any décor. You can go down the Scandinavian or Boho Chic route with light wood floors, cane furniture and sandy-hued furnishings and accessories. Or evoke a seaside getaway with an off-white floor, bursts of blues and plenty of crisp white nautical accents.



3. Edgy and Stately Greys

You might find it surprising that grey is not considered a gloomy, drab shade in terms of flooring. Luxury vinyl has revived this remarkably versatile colour and taken it to a whole new level. We are talking about all kinds of greys.  Pebble grey, slate grey, silvery grey, smoky grey to charcoal grey.

Grey is trending in the design space right now since it strikes the perfect balance between light and dark colours. With its varied range of styles and shades, grey can create a range of styles depending on what you pair it with. 

If you don’t want to play it safe with neutrals, but don’t want to go too bold with dark floors either, then grey might be that perfect choice. Pro-Tek™’s range of Grey Luxury Vinyl floors is a great place to start.

The Editions Essential light Grey with its silver tones and dark graining is an ideal floor for more informal, relaxed spaces. Whilst the Editions Herringbone Buckingham Grey, as the name suggests, is evocative of regality and class.

With its complex and interesting texture, Editions Tile Smoke Travertine is a perfect backdrop for a sleek, ultramodern home. For an edgy, industrial chic look with glossy metallic accents and plenty of black, Excel Longplank Jasmine Grey is a great option.



4. Pristine Whites

White is such an easy colour to play with. Not just one colour, it ranges from crisp white, ivory white, and porcelain white to chalky white. It blends in seamlessly against any decor, a timeless choice for flooring.

White has always been associated with stark minimalistic styles, but can work just as well in busy, colourful spaces. Pro-Tek™’s Editions Classic Bishops White can complement a cozy cottage, characterised by reclaimed wood accents and dark wood furniture.

You could add heightened visual interest with our Editions Herringbone Syon White . Or exude the feel of a Roman mansion with Editions Tiles Ivory Travertine.



5. Bold Blacks

Let’s face it. Black is a statement. It is a floor colour with so much character and depth. If you are adventurous enough to go for it the effect is spellbinding. It lends itself beautifully to a monochromatic look and creates a look of solid distinction.

However, to make a black floor feel less foreboding, the key is to find the right balance between light and dark. For example, you could contrast a dark floor with white furniture and walls with a few dark highlights thrown in.

Black is also the ultimate luxury, like our Editions Tiles Vesuvian Marble. If you prefer a wood effect, Editions Classic Kingfisher Slate emphasises the texture appearance of natural wood in a dramatic way.



Whether you desire a wood effectstone effect or patterned vinyl floor, we have over 60 stunning colours and designs to choose from with free saples available on all. Any of these 5 luxury vinyl colour trends will transform your space Get in touch to give your space a fabulous facelift.  




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