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Matching Your Luxury Vinyl Floors to Your Room Style

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Installing the perfect floor is only half the job done. Any design aficionado will tell you that if the wall colour doesn’t match up, it spells disaster for the overall cohesion of the interior decor. Since the floor and the wall occupy the largest surface area in your home or commercial establishment, matching your luxury vinyl floors to your room style is essential. It is the single most important aspect of great design: a cohesive space that feels harmonious, fluid and natural.

Of course, we understand that it can get quite overwhelming with the dizzying plethora of colours and styles available. Besides, today’s design aesthetics is all about breaking the norm. Yet there is a general rule of thumb that maybe helpful and we’ve created a basic style guide to help you colour match your click vinyl floors to the rest of your room. 


Primary Points To Consider


Once you’ve decided on the following three key questions, the rest of your decisions should flow smoothly.


1. Is Your Luxury Vinyl Flooring Light, Medium or Dark?

This is the easy part. Any floor with light colours like white, tan or soft grey is a light floor. A medium one is neither too light nor too dark. A dark floor is the very deep, intense ones like black, dark coffee browns and dark greys.

For instance, Editions Ivory Travertine tiles can be classified as light, while Editions Classic Lyme Oak is a medium. Editions Tiles Charcoal Slate is an obvious choice for a dark floor. 

We recommend going for light wall colours if your floor is dark in order to open up the space. 


2. Does Your Floor Have Warm or Cool Undertones?

Warm undertones are characterised by hints of red, orange or yellow. Cool undertones are hues of grey, blue, purple or taupe. While it may seem like a trivial detail, a floor’s undertone is everything. It can help you expand your colour palette and experiment beyond the obvious wall colour choices. 

For instance, your light flooring might have warm undertones, like our Editions Classic Richmond Oak with its orange tinge. In this case, you could look at adding zest and liveliness with pastel shades of orange instead of the safer choice of beige. 

An easy trick to determine the undertone of your floors is to place a white sheet of paper on it. Usually, undertones are more noticeable next to pure white.


3. What Is Your Design Aesthetic?

The same colour of vinyl floor can give out different vibes when paired with different wall colours. For instance, if you wish for an intimate, boudoir kind of atmosphere in your room, you could pair your dark floor with a rich, intense wall colour, like a navy blue with white trims running along the base. However, if you lean towards a more classic luxe décor, you could offset the dark floor with a pristine white.

Natural lighting also plays a major role in how flooring and wall colour appears in your home.



Finding That Perfect Shade

Depending on where you lean on the design spectrum – whether you want to play it safe or experiment – below are a few tricks you could look into. For starters, you could ask your local paint store for a colour wheel or simply download a copy.


Play Within the Colour Group

Warm colours complement other warm colours and the same holds true for cool colours. This juxtaposition of colours in the same family helps to bring out the textures of vinyl flooring. For example, Pro-Tek™’s Editions Essential Natural Oak with its red tones would work beautifully against a sunny orange or yellow wall. The Editions Classic Regents Grey with its bluish tinge would pair well with a turquoise wall.


Try a Harmonious Contrast

For instance, you can offset the sterile, clinical vibes of some cool floor colours, like greys and whites by complementing them with warm jewel tones. Similarly, you can soften a warm floor by adding a playful cold hue, like baby blue.

If you are feeling adventurous, you could find a contrasting wall colour that goes with your floor’s undertones. Simply go for the colour which is opposite your floor colour on the colour wheel.

The Editions Essential Coffee with subtle hints of blue would look great against a honey-coloured wall. While the Excel Longplank Cameron Oak with its orange undertones would work well with a teal-coloured wall.


Keep It Safe With Neutrals

Still unsure after all that experimentation? Neutrals come to your rescue here. The simple shades of cream, white, taupe or beige pair well with any kind of vinyl flooring. But the ordinary can be made extraordinary using a few interior décor tricks. Think vivid pops of colour with throw pillows, abstract art and brightly coloured rugs.

Amongst neutrals, white is a classic. White paint, when paired with a dark floor like the Excel Longplank Jasmine Grey can really expand the space, making it feel roomy and airy. When paired with a light-coloured floor like the Editions Classic Primrose Satin, white is the perfect backdrop for a more minimalistic, clean aesthetic.


Let Your Room’s Objects Guide You

Look around your room. The furniture, the upholstery, paintings, and statement pieces – all of them will provide you with the clues you need. Although the floor and wall colours are major parameters, the rest of the elements in your space shouldn’t be overlooked. 

For instance, if your furniture has a darker wood tone, choose a floor colour that is dark and a wall colour that is light to create perfect harmony. If you wish to call attention to a custom-made chandelier, your wall colour can be dark while the floor can be a muted one.


Take Advantage of Free Samples

Like the saying goes “seeing is believing”. Nothing compares to actually placing your floor sample and wall colour together. Simply paint swatches on your wall of your preferred colours. Remember to paint closer to the base, where the wall meets the floor. Place the flooring sample against each colour and see what clicks.

With samples, you have the added advantage of checking the colours against all kinds of light –from natural light to ambient light. You can observe how the colours behave against each other over the course of the day. Pro-Tek™offers extra-large samples so you can see every detail of your floor and even feel it underfoot. The icing on the cake is that samples are absolutely free, making it even easier when matching your luxury vinyl floors to your room style.


Once you’ve decided on your luxury vinyl floor and wall colour, your space is primed to receive layers and layers of texture and style. We have over 60 different styles to choose from – just talk to us to find one that’s right for you.

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