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  • Top Style Inspiration For Oak Herringbone Flooring

    December 22nd, 2022

    If you have chosen oak herringbone flooring for your property, you have made a great choice. The herringbone pattern is stylish and is known for making spaces appear to be larger than they are. This choice of flooring is great for any room of the property, and we are going to show you some styling inspiration for oak herringbone flooring to get the best from any room.

    What goes well with oak herringbone flooring?

    It is not that difficult to style a room that has oak herringbone flooring as it is versatile. However, the colours you choose for walls, soft furnishings and furniture to show off the floor to its best are going to depend to some extent on whether you have chosen a lighter or darker oak.

    Our Pro-Tek™ herringbone vinyl flooring planks are available in shades of lighter oak to warm dark oak. They are a great choice for anyone wanting the look of a real wood floor without the high cost with the added benefit of the floor being waterproof.

    So, let’s take a look at how you can style a room to make the most of your oak herringbone flooring.

    What colours go best with oak flooring?

    To show off your flooring at its best, you might want to consider sticking with earth and jewel tone colours, as this helps to bring out the warmer undertones of the oak. You cannot go wrong when choosing neutral colours for painting walls.

    When mixing earth tones with oak herringbone flooring, you give the space a more homely feel and generally, the warmer the colours used, the homier your space looks.

    Matching wall colours with oak flooring

    The first choice you have to make is whether to paint the walls or wallpaper them. If choosing wallpaper, you do have to give a lot of thought to patterns. Bear in mind that it has to fit in with the style of the flooring. The herringbone pattern is distinctive, so don’t choose heavy-looking wallpaper with a big, bold pattern.

    With the flooring being so intricate, it is often a good idea to simply paint the walls. A good tip when choosing colours to complement your flooring is to get down on the floor and take a close look. Oak flooring will have subtle hints of colours within its finish, typically oranges, yellows, browns and reds. These are all colours you can use on walls and furnishings.

    If you have chosen a cooler oak wood undertone, perhaps with elements of blue or grey, you can complement this colour scheme with cool blues, greens and purples. But if you want to add warmth and cosiness, you could consider warmer colours. These could include reds, yellows, oranges and autumnal colours.

    Neutral oak colours are more versatile, and you don’t have to worry as much about finding a colour to match. In this instance, you could choose warm or cool paint colours. Cooler colours tend to make rooms look bigger than they are.

    Warm oak undertones go extremely well with bluish or greenish shades of paint.

    There is another consideration to make when considering style inspiration for oak herringbone flooring, and this is personality. Of course, if you are putting down flooring in a property you are developing then you may want to opt for neutral colours that will please the majority of viewers. Off-white is a great choice for smaller rooms as it can make them feel and look larger than they are.

    Three styling ideas to complement oak herringbone flooring

    Now let’s look at some styling ideas to complement oak herringbone flooring and bring out the best in your flooring.

    1. Accessorise with plants

    Plants not only look great and bring the outdoors in, but they are also good for your mood and health and can set off oak herringbone flooring perfectly.

    If you have chosen a lighter oak colour, you might want to consider plants that flower more than just foliage. For instance, for a kitchen with light oak flooring, you might want to consider Bromeliads with their colourful flowers on stalks in shades of orange, yellow, red and blue.

    Calathea Eternal Flame is a striking plant that will look great in living rooms or dining rooms and will compliment oak flooring thanks to its long striking leaves with green and purple hues and yellow and orange flowers.

    If the oak herringbone flooring is a darker shade with brown colourings and your walls are off-white, you could go for large foliage plants in rooms where space allows. Large ferns, such as the Boston Fern, go well with the herringbone pattern, as do plants such as the Swiss Cheese Plant and Prayer Plant.

    1. Balance out materials across accessories and furniture

    If you have chosen to completely clad a large room in oak herringbone flooring and have purchased wood dining tables, coffee tables and such, you should balance out the look using a variety of materials on accessories.

    Wood flooring goes very well with woven fabrics or leather; you could incorporate these into window dressings, cushions, rugs and more. You could choose a dining table or coffee table designed in metal with warm orangey/brown leather seating.

    To tie it all together, you might consider wall hangings. You could use oak picture frames or abstract wall art with colours that complement your flooring.

    1. Use rugs to soften large oak flooring

    In very large rooms you could use rugs to soften the look. This also works well if you want to define sitting areas in large open-plan spaces.

    Lighter colours look great on darker oak flooring, while darker colours set off lighter oak flooring perfectly.

    Sheepskin or lamb’s wool rugs can soften the hardness of large expanses of wood flooring.

    Purchase oak herringbone flooring in numerous shades

    Our Pro-Tek™ herringbone vinyl flooring is stocked in modern grey tones along with classic oak hues which give a touch of luxury to any space. LVT flooring is waterproof and durable, so it is suitable for any space, including kitchens and bathrooms.

    Our stunning herringbone Blenheim Oak has an authentic texture and a light natural wood colour, so it is bound to match any interior style. Our Harewood Oak is a classic choice that is suitable for traditional and modern settings and styles.

    All of our oak herringbone vinyl planks come with underlay included, and the Uniclic locking system ensures our flooring is easy and quick to install; it is durable and 100% waterproof.

    Get your trade discount account with us today to access exclusive trade prices, or give us a call at 020 3917 5550.


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