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  • The Herringbone Kitchen Renaissance Is Here

    March 15th, 2023

    In recent times, the Herringbone pattern has found a revival of sorts. And for good reason too. Herringbone floors offer a striking visual treat and draw you in with their abstract beauty. In fact, it is so popular a style that it’s found favour in grand old imperial castles and the humble modern home alike. But did you know that this style of parquet flooring has been around for more than a century? Let’s dig a little deeper.

    The history of Herringbone

    The fascinating zig-zag pattern of Herringbone can be traced as far back as 500 BC, when the Romans utilized this unique style to build roads. Its distinctive appeal and inherent durability then made inroads into the houses of European nobility. It quickly became symbolic of great wealth and status. There’s just something about Herringbone that evokes a sense of luxury, refinement and grandeur. Not surprisingly, you will even find it gracing the floors of Buckingham Palace.

    Even though the pattern had its roots in royalty, it’s becoming increasingly popular in everyday homes as well.

    Is it royally expensive then? 

    Traditionally, the Herringbone planks were made out of hardwood – which besides the high cost of timber, is labour-intensive to install and needs constant maintenance. All in all, a royally expensive affair. Thankfully, times have changed and floors like Pro-Tek(™)’s Luxury Vinyl Herringbone give you the authentic feel and look of natural wood while getting rid of the disadvantages of the material. You get all the appeal of real wood with the exceptional performance of engineered vinyl. At prices that won’t break the bank.

    But, is it a good option for your kitchen? Absolutely.

    Why your kitchen deserves an LV Herringbone floor

    Extremely versatile: Gone are the days when this unique parquet flooring was seen only in classic or traditional décors. With a wide choice of colours and materials available, Herringbone patterns can adapt easily to fit any interior.

    For instance, if your kitchen has metallic or chrome fittings and sleek granite or marble countertops, the ultramodern Editions Herringbone Syon White would complement it beautifully. In the case of more traditional or rustic kitchens with accents of dark wood cabinetry and exposed brick, you could opt for the warm, earthy tones of the Editions Herringbone Arundel Walnut. From crisp whites, stately greys, to intense browns – whet your appetite with 12 stunning finishes.

    Herringbone also has the ability to make any kitchen appear larger with its fluidity of movement. If it’s a smaller kitchen, a lighter Herringbone pattern would help open up the space.

    A breeze to install: The smell of wood shavings and the mess of glue is the last thing you need in a space used to cook delicious meals. Imagine completely doing away with the mess, complications and long hours of installing traditional hardwood parquets. Instead, a simple Uniclic Click Lock System allows you to just click the planks in place. This way, if you don’t want to spend on labour or are in a hurry, you can easily go the DIY route. It’s quick, it’s easy and your kitchen gets a Herringbone makeover in a jiffy.

    Incredible built-in features: As much as you would like a hardwood Herringbone pattern in your kitchen, it’s not always the smart choice. Wood is prone to warping and susceptible to heat and moisture – two aspects that define a busy, messy kitchen. With LV Herringbone, you have the advantage of in-built resilience, not traditionally associated with wood.

    LV Herringbone floors offer extreme moisture, impact and scratch resistance that allows you to cook away without worry. All those sugary drinks the kids are spilling on to the floors? A quick mop and its good as new. Too many cooks in the kitchen? Your LV Herringbone floor can handle it all.

    Thanks to its hardwearing properties, LV Herringbone is low-maintenance and super easy to clean. Besides, the tightly packed in format means that dirt, liquids and dust cannot get trapped in it. Making it the most ideal flooring for kitchens.

    Long-lasting: A kitchen is typically a space associated with the most hazards. This doesn’t exempt your kitchen floors either. You should be allowed the freedom of mess, chaos and crazy meal experiments without worrying if your floor will survive the impact. Each of our LV Herringbone designs come packed with a robust multi-layered construction, with a stabilizing core and built-in underlay – helping it maintain its looks in the most trying conditions. In fact, they are so hardwearing that Pro-Tek(™) offers a Lifetime warranty on its Herringbone designs.

    Where to start while installing a Herringbone floor

    Firstly, look for the kitchen’s natural focal point, such as doors or a kitchen island or you could simply look at the way light is streaming in. You could decide on the impact you desire – whether the planks should point towards or away from the focal point.

    So, there you have it. Herringbone floors are trending in décor forums for all the right reasons. At home in all kitchen interiors – it helps enhance the luxury vintage vibe in a classic one while adding dramatic flair to a pared-down, minimalistic kitchen interior. If you wish to give your kitchen a Herringbone makeover, call us at 020 3917 5550.



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